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cant stand anymore of the way I feel with ibs and anxiety

hi I am new to this site I have had ibs for years but has got worse and im sure this is what brings on my anxiety I bloated stomach every day and in rearly bad pain I wont travel not because of toilet needs this is what I don't understand nearly everyone on here suffer this problem im tired all the time just want to go to bed and then I take hot water bottle only thing that helps the pain hard work going up stairs make my stomach worse even cleaning up I have got to the point were I cant take anymore does anyone feel like this I don't have wheat and eat healthy

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Thought I had wrote this !! You definitely are not alone xxx some days I find a real struggle my doc is of no help , my diet or wht little I do manage to eat is good , I use a hot bottle for my tummy which soothes the pain but now I have burn marks on my tummy I can not win ! Sorry I've been no help xxxxx


hi kath

healthy diet? depends on what you suffer with. i dont eat any high fibre foods,mushrooms,sultanas, onions, gassy drinks,lager.All give me bloating and or spasms. i take normacol as fibre substitute. iv been much better and also ony 2 caffne drinks a day.iv cut my sugar intake as wqell and so much better. have you tried fodmap diet? iv stopped eating veg/fruit peel too as this caused ibs as well.

hope something here helps. i take mebeverine before meals and buscopan if i get bloated pain. now down from 10 days a month to 4/5 and not severe. have you tried Windese for trapped wind?

hAVE YOU SEEN A NUTRIONIST? pester your GP for referral. consultant.

hope you soon feel better



I get terrible pain and I can hardly eat anything now without the pain and spasms I can't eat no dairy or bread is there any vitamin supplements you could suggest plz



I know what your going through its the exact same thing everything is a toil to do, the only way I can TRY and get my mind off it is to do something I enjoy doing.x


Hi Kath, Not much more I can add to the comments above. Isuffer chronic IBS and at the moment I'm Haveing Hypnotherapy for it,I don't know if it will work,but I'm at the point of giving anything a try. I also drink plenty of water,that's a good help.

I think we're all inderviduals,and we all need to find our own way of what works for you.

Good luck and Take care


Oh dear know how everyone feels lifes a b..... at times but tomorrow is

another day. Do look at the Fodmap diet you sometimes have to make

small changes to get results. I dont follow it to the letter just pick things

out that you could try, try hot lemon drink to start your day, although

soothing at any time, as is peppermint tea. Bloated stomach and I too

go for hot water bottle also windeze capsules. Unfortunately, we have

to help ourselves as there doesnt seem to be a magic pill. Do hope you

feel better soon ((((big hug)))).



That sounds exactly same as me, it's horrible isn't it.


I have had IBS for some time. It seems to be very much associated with stress and anxiety, which is not easy to avoid. I don't keep a diet of any sort, but my doctor has

prescribed Mebeverine which I take regularly. I also have Buscopan ( which you can buy from a chemist) - and which I take as soon as I feel a flare up is hitting. It does work to reduce the pain for me in such an event. Have you mentioned medication to your doctor? I hope you get some help soon. It is such a difficult problem, and you need support.


I feel your pain, just getting over three months of constant pain, last flare up before this lasted 9 months, every thing you mention could be wrote by me, though my pain as eased, I'm still so tired all the time, and Hopkir like you my best friend is hot water bottle, with the burn marks, Iv tried every tablet, potion, everyone says try, eliminated foods nothing works, been like this for years, in my opinion, IBS just comes and goes when it's ready, I honestly don't think it's to do with any foods, hope you start to feel better soon,

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Kasannshep , I have also tried everything going been on every diet and I honestly just think it's one of those things !! Not helpful I know !!

One day perhaps I'll be normal not need to worry about what I eat , where the toilet is , what exercise I do ,planning a day out or holiday !

I can dream xxxx


Hello, I too suffer from constant bloating and irratic bowel movement (mainly c). I've tried medication and fodmaps, with limited success (they work in the short term, but don't give long term relief). My symptoms are worse after prelonged feelings of anxiety and stress. I decided to try and tackle coping with anxious and stressful feelings, rather than food (as the food that irritates my gut seems to change and so I don't have any reliability or stability). I recently attended CBT classes to manage my feelings. It's not a quick fix, I realise, but I learned coping strategies for stress and anxiety and have started to focus less on what causes me to feel anxious and those negative feelings. I also have started to care more about myself, which I know doesn't make much sense, but rather than worry about things I have no control over (like my bloating I would argue) I'm trying to focus more on feeling neutral. Not a quick fix, but hopefully by managing anxiety I can manage ibs symptoms.

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Hi kath1920, gosh I do feel for you and agree with all of the comments.

ibs is a ****** and I think the worst thing, unpredictable.

When you are desperate you have to put yourself first for a while, maybe even a few weeks. Eat a simple diet and avoid things that you know affect you, keep portions small and graze. Try to go 12 hours overnight with not eating. Avoid all caffeine, tea and coffee and fizzy drinks, and don't underestimate the power of herbal teas, pukka, dr stuarts, and yogi teas are good, avoid twinings and fruit teas.

Peppermint, fennel, chamomile and stomach soothe are all good, sip warm.

Also avoid all sugar containing foods and drinks and cut down on processed foods.

Consider seeing a nutritional therapist (expensive but maybe worth it for you).

Or check out the books available, go with your 'gut' feeling what is right for you, you may need to cherry pick for your individual needs. GPs only have a small understanding of what works for ibs and will probably go down the medication route.

But a nut.therapist will delve more deeply, and their first route will be to 'remove' offending problem/s with lab tests that are usually more sensitive that the nhs use.

Good luck, you will get through this horrible time, try and stay positive.


Do you dairy products. you could go to your gp and ask for a symptom relieving prescription and be referred to a dietician to see what can be changed? Chin up and don't feel alone. This is very similar to me. It gets me down about having to think if there is a toilet if I need it and staying in that morning till the symptoms are manageable. PM if you need to talk.


I completely understand how you feel i.b.s and stress are a terrible combination! You need to do ANYTHING relaxing to release the tension - I swear by Pilates which I do most weeks at home. Ask to see a doctor who you can trust and ask for information on i.b.s and stress! Good luck!


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