biopsy in 5 days

I went for my endoscopy,the doctor said I have some erosion and inflamanation.he took 4 biopsies and would have the results in 5 days, however he did say could not find reason for burning stomach or bloating, not even sure what the biopsys are for?

of course I did not ask, was too scared.

can anyone please share some of their expierences with this procedure and if any of their answers helped them with their symptons.

once he said biopsy I was a wreck.My anxiety was on overdrive, so wish I was just a normal 63 yr old woman without anxiety disorders,will stop ranting now thank you for listing.

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  • With any of the oscopies it's normal to take biopsies, so try not to worry about it, hopefully nothing serious will be found.

  • thank you

  • You are bound to be concerned it's onky natural

    I was 65 when I had my endoscopy and was also worried

    Hope that the results are good

  • Hi I recently had endoscopy' they take biopsy To rule out any underlying problems within the Bowel, is what I was told.

  • ty  they told me the same thing

  • i had biopsies too i think its standard to try to find a reason for the inflamation !! dont worry x it makes no difference to any result 

  • ty

  • Hi I too had biopsies, all clear. But no other diagnosis than IBS. Finally found  ( four years later) that I have Dysobisis, fermenting of food which then gets bacteria in it, causes burning and extreme bloating, did not show up with endo because you have taken mds to clean your stomach out. Worth asking for a test.

  • thank you so much for the information

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