I seem to spend most of my time in bathrooms these days!

As some may know I've been suffering for around 3 years yet and doctors still haven't figured out what's wrong with me, my doctor has said it sounds like I have IBS but he can't be certain as there is no way to test it. So he's told me to eat what I want when I want to see if there's any patterns that appear. And I just wanted to ask can you be intolerant to white bread but not brown? As I normally eat brown bread and I'm fine but this morning I ate a white bread roll and I've found myself stuck in the bathroom being sick,having Diarrhea and a large red rash appeared on my stomach, chest and arms. I also ate one of these bread rolls on Saturday and for the remainder of the day felt awful and found myself suffering with Diarrhea. It's clear to say I'll be staying well away from white bread or may just cut bread out of my diet altogether, I've made a note of this and took a picture of my rash to show my doctor at my next appointment.

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  • There are a lot of preservatives in shop bought white bread. You can make your own white bread with strong white flour, dried yeast 8g sachet and warm water with olive oiled greased cling film. This way you would find out if it was the white bread itself or one of the many preservatives that are in shop bought white bread.

    I find I am better with brown bread from shops bakery (the supermarkets bakery) that is made in store. Have not tried there white bread but it may be worth a try. anything that comes on a lorry is full of preservatives.

  • Have you had a gastroscopy and colonoscopy to rule out any other causes for your symptoms - there are other illnesses like Crohns and Diverticulitis

    I think you need to have these tests before any proper diagnosis can be made

  • I've had blood tests which came back with nothing serious.

  • I still think that you should ask your GP to refer you to hospital for those tests - a specialist needs to see if there's anything else going on

  • You need to get tested through referral to a gastrologist as per the above reply. Also to find out what you are really sensitive to you need to do an exclusion diet properly. Read up on FODMAPS and download the Monash University app.

  • dietry intolerences seem to be very individual

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