Hey Guys ! I'm not ok 😢

Everyone I haven't been on in a while but I need your support . A couple of weeks ago I woke up and had to use the restroom I had a bowel movement and it burned . I figured it was because I had hot chips the day before. However the itching and burning kind of never stops it's subsided as I hasn't been as bad as it was . But I do feel a lot of pressure and some type of scraping feeling when I use the restroom . Also had a little bit of blood . I went to the doctor today and he told me that my symptoms don't seem too concerning (hemorrhoids) and Gave me a anti-inflammatory for two weeks to see if it heals up and then we should go from there . They did do an exam but didn't see of feel anything they said they did see mild irritation but that was it . I have extreme health anxiety and worry that this could be something else . He told me before he even did the exam that he probably wouldn't be able to feel The hemorrhoid it was too small. Anyway he went on to talk about if it didn't clear out that I had probably be scoped or something and surgery and all the stuff ! Really freaked me out but then they said don't worry . He wasn't my primary Doctor so he really didn't understand how to word things to me . I'm still thinking something is wrong ! Any advice or similar situations? Not to mention I keep thinking about the intestinal issues I had in June and thinking that some disease has progressed inside of me ! Oh dear god! Why ?!

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  • Hi it is a common problem you have and is easy to mend



  • Thank you for your response. I worry so much about what could be .

  • JoeMarie5, maybe you should try to slow down and not think the worst. It's easy to say, for sure. Stay away from foods you know will irritate your GI tract. If you try to relax and go along with the plan, I'll bet you will start feeling better.

    Don't freak out. You don't know the worst will happen. Take deep breaths. Think good calming thoughts. Best wishes, 🤗 hugs, Nesie 237

  • Thanks for the encouragement! It means a lot. I'm just worried that because of my issues I had in June with my intestines that this is a faze of something . I really don't know . Through out everything my doctors have never been worried. I hope I can pull it together . Hugs Nesie237 ☺️

  • You're welcome. Just let it roll out and see what happens. You can't see into the future. Oh, if only you could! You can pull it together, with your own help and with our help. We're here for you. Hugs back to you, keep in touch, Nesie 237

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