Burning sensation on skin

Hello, I have had IBS for 8 years now. Two days ago I had a flare-up due to having a panic attack. I've been really on edge since and have been having really strange sensations and I'm not sure if they are due to IBS or anxiety or both!

My face, lower abdomen and upper thighs feel as if they are burning up at times. It feels as if my stomach and legs are pressed up against a radiator. My temperature is fine, I've been checking it regularly. I've been having my usual IBS symptoms - mainly abdominal pain and cramps. Does anyone else experience strange sensations on their skin when they have a flare-up?

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  • Is your Bowel moving normal ? not blocked ?

  • Bowel moving normal. Passing urine ok. Eating and drinking fine.

  • its not what i thought then, not sure why, sorry unable to help

  • Yes, I experience all of these symptoms during a bad flare-upstarting off like hot flushes. When I look in the mirror after getting up from the loo my face is red and burns though, Like you, my temperature seems alright.Very miserable and there's absolutely no point mentioning this to a Doctor!!

  • Thanks for replying. I don't get any red patches, just the burning sensation. Thing is when I get up and move around and do something it takes my mind off it, which makes me think it's anxiety related.

  • I also get this, feels like hot flushes!

  • I get this but the burning feels as though it is deep inside not on the surface I put it down to anxiety as it goes off when not thinking about it!

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