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What products or other things help/ease your symptoms?


I am looking for some advice on how to manage my symptoms. I've had Ibs for 18 years but have had almost constant symptoms since end of last summer. My symptoms are:-

Gurgling, rumblings, wind, bloating, alternative d & c, heartburn, indigestion, pain/discomfort in stomach and bowel area, feelings of needing the loo and an over all anxiety over my symptoms which probably exacerbates everything!!

Tried lots of things, colpermin, charcoal, low fodmap, relaxation techniques etc all help to a degree but symptoms always return or never really completely go.

And I'm fed up!

PS I'm also always apprehensive about trying something new for fear of making it worse or trying something everyone says works for them but doesn't for me!

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Hi there,

Have a look round my blog. I had IBS for years, and beat it without medication. Have you looked into SIBO, candida and leaky gut?

This article may interest you: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



Silicolgel 1 dose BEFORE Main meal + Phenergan Tablets (ONE an hour before going to bed) I started doing this 6months ago after suffering for 10 years and have now - not taken an Imodium since!! Feel 100 times better than I have in a long time!! TRY IT (it certainly WON'T make things worse!!) Good luck!

Try the Fast Tract diet. There's a book by Norm Robillard called Fast Tract Digestion IBS and an app which helps you count how much you are eating of carbs and fibre. It has really helped me. Good luck.

When I keep myself calm and and I avoid foods containing dairy it helps me.

Thanks all :)

Have youvtrued . Walking for an hour a day. Yoga physical or Pilates help a lot of people. I take normacol which stops constipation.

I'm a dog walkers so walk loads but have been looking into doing some kind of yoga/Pilates exercises.

I have also had IBS for about 30 years of so and getting worse. I have identical symptons as yours. I hope you find something, would be interesting if you find anything.

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