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Ibs following bowel surgery

Hello. I had an emergency small bowel resection at the beginning of January. After two months recovery all seemed to be well. Then I had two bouts of stomach cramps and sickness during the night followed by a severe case of gastroenteritis which lasted about ten hours. Since then I have been sick a couple of times. My GP prescribed Omeprazole which seems to have stopped me being sick (so far) but I still get the gassy, acidy feeling in my stomach and cramps on occasions followed by diarrhoea and headaches. Mostly late evening/night but occasionally during the day. My  GP has now also prescribed Buscopan.

Has anyone developed these IBS symptoms following surgery and does it ever go away? I have changed certain things in my diet but having lost nearly a stone and a half I can't continue to lose any more weight.


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Hi Petal1, if your bowel movements have changed, and because you have had a bowel op, your GP shouldn't be ignoring it. Would be an idea to ask for a scan, just to rule any problems. Did you have a bit taken away, or have I got that wrong?


Yes, had about 7cm of small intestine removed. He said to monitor and he would refer me back, just wondered if this was normal after this type of operation. 


Hi Petal sorry, have been at Hospital myself today, my love do not leave this to chance, my brother had the same op and his was leaking, which apparently is quite common, best to have a scan , as can make you very ill.xx please get checked.


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