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Anxiety pills


Hi has anyone any experience of either citralapram or Sertraline? I had citralapram years ago and the side effects put me in bed for 2-3 weeks

The dr 3 weeks ago prescribed citralapram again and I've not taken it

Been trying pma instead lol

Been different dr today for breathing trouble and he has prescribed Sertraline

Says less side effects

Google says otherwise!

I feel I'm being fobbed off he didn't even take bp or pulse

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I would not touch citalapram. I took some years ago, was ok for a while but then got a really bad reaction. I took one late at night and by the morning my heart would not stop pounding. This went on for 3 or 4 days. I went to the GP who would not believe it was the citalapram. I was in a really bad way and then I read about serotonin syndrome which fit my symptoms. The GP brushed off my concerns and said I was having an extended panic attack (no history of panic attacks and never had one since!) In the end a GP prescribed me lorazepam to bring my heart beat down. I found the lorazepam really calming and now keep it around to take half a tablet occasionally if I can't sleep - never had a problem with it, but only use them very occasionally as they are super addictive.

After my bad experience with Ssri's I would not touch them ever again, especially since GPS seem to have no clue of side effects. I think setraline is similar to citalapram- so I would not take that either.

Best wishes.

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I took one Citalopram lowest dose about 3 years ago and had 15 hours of diarrhoea, starting 3 hours after I took it. I never took another one! I've since had Sertraline in the drawer, with a renewed prescription because the shelf life ran out on the original. GP says start with a quarter and build up. Sounds sensible and good but as I am so hypersensitive to medications, I am still looking at the box. I do take Diazepam or Temazepam, usually half of the prescribed lowest dose. All for acute anxiety and what I can't do is say Sertraline doesn't agree with me because I have not had the bottle to try it!

Lol my citralapram is sat in a drawer as is the Prozac or whatever it's called these days and now I have added this new one to the pile

Will the dr stop trying to help me if I keep refusing to take them because I'm to scared to be ill for weeks

Hi ,can you break them in half then?

Hi, I'm currently on 50mg Sertraline for my anxiety. I was previously taking propranolol but they didnt work for me. I feel so much better and haven't had any side effects!


I was so ill to start with on citralapram it did wear off but that's all can think of! Google suggests sertraline can do same ! As if I need anymore help with diahorria and sickn ess and dizzy lol

I was worried about the side effects of diahorria and asked the doctor why they would give someone with IBS them if that's the case but they said it's very rare. Just covering themselves I guess. I've also been taking enterosgel 3 x a day to help settle my stomach which was the cause of my anxiety and I can't tell you how much it's helped me. It says it can help with sickness too. Could be worth looking that up, the only downfall is that it is expensive but tbh I'm happy to pay it as it's been the only thing I've found has really helped me as it got to the point where I didn't want to leave my house. I hope this helps :) X

Never heard of it will look it up thanks

Is it not something from dr?

No unfortunately not but it's been an absolute god send. I buy the sachets though because it's a single measure & is easier for me but they do it in a tube as well. Worth looking in to for sure. Hope it helps x

Hi, I am on setraline (anti depressant) its quite good - although you may have a little diarrea in the beginning - and some nausea - last no more than 2 weeks but worth it for your brain to help cope with this.

It's a safe drug and not addictive. It isn't like valium at all. It works 24 hours where valium only lasts 4 hours then you feel worse when it wears off.

In Australia you can go into your local chemist (pharmacy) and they will take our BP for free.


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thank you

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