I am new here and l have IBS with constipation. Has anyone else gone through with these type of symptons a lot?

I have been suffering with IBS with constipation for almost a year. I wake up at night with pain at times and being bloated. l have to finally get up. I try and use the bathroom but most of the time no passing anything. Feels like gas pains but cannot pass gas at times either. I hardly eat anymore always afraid l will not be able to have a bowel movement. Worry everyday if l will be able to have a bowel movement. I had colonscopy, cat scan and blood test. Shows nothing! My doctor who is kind in trying to explain things to me. To ease my mind. He siad everything is fine and nothing is there. I would be glad to have such good test. I know that l am older, and l worry about all this too. I take care of my mom and she depends on me. My health has gone down as in losing weight and feeling tired all the time. I feel so overwhelmed with this. I do not know how anyone who has IBS can deal from day to day. But there is a lot of people on here do and you should be very proud. :)

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  • Try buscopan tablets for IBS or colpermin capsules. I find these have helped me in the past.

    I get a lot of heartburn ans nausea so I always have some kind of mints handy, as I don't take antacids as I'm on prescribed mess for IBS. Hope this helps. 

  • Hi Bartz....l wrote that down and will check on this when l go to the store. l know phazyne l have been using does not help a lot.

  • Take all that had been suggested for gas but won't help constipation. I have had Ibs c for many years. I take 600 - 800mg magnesium citrate or oxide capsules every night before bed on empty stomach with lots of water. This works the next morning without cramps. You can get on Amazon or Heath shops and aren't expensive. Try Niw foods magnesium citrate or Solgar.

  • Thank you Pat1. I have not ever tried these. I appreciate the information. I will try them.

  • Pat1 I went on Amazon and cannot find the 600 to 800mg. Can you get lower and double it?

  • Hi you dont get them in that amount, you would have to take a few capsules to make up the 800mg

  • Thanks Pat1 appreciate the reply.

  • Pat1 l ordered magnesium citrate tablets from amazon. It says magnesium citrate 200mg (Nervious System Support ) is this what you are talking about

    helping with ibs constipation. I did not see just the plain magnesium citrate and the 200mg is the highest l believe they had. Has NOW on front label. Confused is this right or not? 

  • Hi Pat1....When l replied to you about l ordered the Magnesium citrate tablets from amazon it says magnesium citrate 200mg (Nervious System Support) l meant to ask is this what you are talking about helping you with ibs constipation? But there is different types also l noticed now and 1 says vgen caps l believe. Thanks Pat1 not really sure which one?

  • Hi I just checked Amazon and if you have Now Foods Magnesium citrate they are fine. You can also get them in capsule form.

  • Hi I don't know which ones you have, but if they are magnesium citrate they should be fine. Magnesium is also good for the nervous system. There are a few different ones on Amazon. Give them a try and let me know how you get on. Depending how severe your problem is, try 800mg or 4 200mg tablets/capsules. If this doesn't work I would try the magnesium oxide. I alternate between the two.

  • Thanks so much Pat1...You have been very helpful.

  • Annie just want to mention if you look at the reviews of the Now magnesium citrate you will see how others with the same problem have said they have helped them do much.

  • Pat1 l am going to try it. I did read some of the reviews and there are people talking about how it helped them. Thanks Again Pat1. l had never even thought of it. I do appreciate it!

  • Hi Annie have you tried the magnesium yet and is it helping?

  • Hi Pat1....l have had so much problems with my computer. Sorry l have not responded until now. Oh yes Pat1 it sure did! I am using the 600mg and may have to go up with it though too. But l am sooo glad l bought it. I am trying to eat more better too. Thank you very much! I never even thought of it! I do wish they would find a cure for IBS. Effects so many people and l never realized how many do have it. This is a good board.

  • Oh Pat1 you know l had bought the caplets of the Phillips laxative Dietary Supplement Caplets and forgot l even had it. Would that have worked to? It is 500mg of magnesium. l read some of the ingredients and it has magnesium oxiode in it too. Thanks Pat1 l do appreciate the replies!

  • Annie yes Phillips magnesium oxide should work but you may need about 1500mg. I have tried it but it didn't work as well as the Now Foods Magnesium citrate. It is fine to take about 1000mg. I do every other day. So if 600mg is not enough try upping by 200mg.

  • I take 3 tablets to make the 600mg of the magnesium citrate because my tablets are 200mg each. But that is okay too. Thanks Again!

  • Pat1 Thanks so much for your replies!

  • I second the magnesium citrate... it's one of the more gentle ways to help. You can buy a powder and take more or less as required to get the dose just right.

    You also need to eat! I understand that food giving you pain is very off-putting, but it stands to reason that you can't poop if you haven't eaten anything - there's simply nothing to come through.

    You also risk becoming nutritionally deficient if you don't eat - it does happen to people with IBS for that very reason. If that happens then you will feel even worse. Tiredness could mean you are low on iron, for example.

    I would head back to your hopefully understanding GP and explain that you are not eating because of your IBS, and ask for some basic tests, like iron, B12 and folate, and maybe a dietician referral.

    I hestitate to advise you on which foods to eat, since everyone is so different, but try to find some safe foods that you can eat without too much pain. Does it help if they are well cooked, for example?

    Even though it's "just IBS", not something super serious, not eating should be taken seriously in my opinion.

  • Thank you poing. I really do need to do what you have suggested. And l appreciate the information and the couragement. I have talked to him about the not eating and he has said the same thing. If you have nothing there will be nothing to pass. And it will go against what you are trying to do. Try to eat more fiber and water. I will talk with him about the vitiams too. 

  • If you like Prune juice its great at shifting you..you only need a sml amount.Makes yr belly gurgle well mine does..lol.Try a sml amount at a time..You can get a carton in Tesco for a quid

  • Thanks for the info. i appreciate any information that is for sure!

  • The first part of your message describes exactly how I was night after night and I ended up worn out because I would be back & too to the bathroom till the early hours of every morning. I didn't stop eating though.

    Then I heard about the FODMAP diet & within 3 days of starting it the nightly bathroom trips stopped, everything returned to normal and I know now that, for me, gluten was my problem. I hadn't realised that I had also got used to almost constant stomach pains - until they stopped, too! Everyone is different, so of course this may not be your problem but I thought I'd mention it.

    At least you've got the reassurance that it's not cancer but it's a miserable situation & I sympathise. I hope you get sorted out soon.

  • Thanks so very much! I am grateful to any insight on this. I will check on the Foodmap diet. Thanks Again!

  • Hi

    If you do a search for fodmap on HealthUnlocked you'll find lots about it. See if your GP will refer you to a dietitian who specialises in it, you can do the diet by yourself but it's better to get professional help if you can.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks gfmum1...... I am going to look into the fodmap. Sounds like a great idea. Give me some kind of lead as the best food to eat that maybe will not bother my ibs so much!

  • I have been suffering for about a year also but I have this with diahorrea.  I have also been loosing weight. Not a bad thing for me though, I need to loose some but I guess I didn't plan on it being this way. I can struggle day to day and have had so much time off work with this. On numerous medicines and seeing a gastro team. I joined this group today for support and any information  on how to deal with day today..any tips welcome. 

  • Tea-cakes l feel for you because l suffer with the constipation.l wished l knew how to answer you. I do struggle with it sometimes. l know l need to eat more too. That will probably help things for me to get things moving more better.  I joined because there is a lot of good people on here l think. Seems like there is a lot of people who have IBS too. Makes me realize l am not alone. This board has been helpful to me and there is a lot of good people on here. l think sometimes mine is due to stress and worry too. I know my Gastro told me after he did the colonscopy that my intestines look like a mess and he had seen a lot of that. He called mine worrying. I wished l had a lot of insight and l am like you l deal with it day to day. I wished l had better tips for you and hopefully there will be more people who will have a lot more insight for you.

  • Any of you guys heard of Mag07, oxinagated magnesium with potassium... right now I am in a flare of hems, and every single med they give me has a side effect. Got these from eating Bisquick pancakes 3 days in a row....rice flour, big no no...dumb person here did not read label! well 4 bladder infections, (from cortisone suppositories), see the colo rectal doc....fiber, fiber, fiber...well too long to keep writing...then gas, now gastritis. I am going to get well, I have every natural cure on the planet, using slippery elm tea with manuka honey...will get over this. Now can not use any thing for hems nsaid allergy, immediatly to gastritis...even tried Amoils H worked great...got reaction to horse chesnut of course stomach...5 months of pure hell!

    MagO7 can be found on amazon...I get the 180 vegetarian capsules, be careful, start slow ...I have only taken 3 once, you can take this daily as to not get such a large dose of magnsium...this does not really go into your blood stream....look up reviews. If you are in the US you can purchase these at vitamin shoppe, I do not know what I would do without them. I will never eat white rice again, this is third time getting so bunged up...I am gf/df and eat all organic (i think)...this big C stuff has been going on for about 9 years...it has caused diverticulitis...ect, ect. conventional meds suck, the side effects make me sick with something else other than the original problem every time...way too long here sorry! just kept coming out, wish my poop would normally again!

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