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IBS with constipation

l have had the scope done 2 years ago. Nothing was found but a long colon and knotted up intestines because he said worry!! l am 68 years old..I talked with my gastrogist and she said it is passing what you put in. But there are days l thought l was eating pretty good. Did not pass anything today but gas. Which yesterday l was not eating so well. l understand you do not pass anthing if there is not anything. l had the ct scan and really did not pass the solution they gave me for the test. I do have IBS and trouble with constiptation. She recommended me take Benefiber or Metimucil. She said if you do not eat a lot it is not going to pass a lot. l did take the linezz 290 to. But the benfiber and metimucil should l really be taking this?? She said also it will soften the stools. Thank you so very much for any replies and Thank you for listening to me and asking so many questions. l have never understood IBS much less why do l worry so??

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Hello there,

I think worry is a very widespread problem. We are bombarded with messages about losing weight, alarms to prevent breakins, the latest terrorist attack etc. etc. And we over-use our brains. All this can result in tension in our bodies, as well as in our minds. This article may help you with this: sickofibs.com/well-being/mind/



Thank you ALISON and That IS The Truth!! l am guity allot for rethinking until it is a monster!! I am trying my best to get all that in control... Thank you Again for sharing this. I feel like this may help lot of people by reading this too!


If I'm constipated I soak around a rounded dessertspoonful of linseeds in about a 3rd of a mug of water - I soak this for about an hour or more and then drink. This works for me but I have to say I haven't had to do this for a long time as I've changed my diet a fair bit and have cut out a lot of rubbish and too much fruit. If I eat a lot of fruit I suffer, mainly with pain but sometimes looser stools.


Hey lynnett

I have ibs c to, had it since i was about 5 but never really knew what ibs was back then , u just had funny stomach.

Now i have actually been diagnosed so i decided to cram up on knowledge...

I have seen a great gastro and nutritionalist.

So most people that are c are usually lacking in magnesium and since i started taking this i have been regular as clockwork which helps with pain. I was also told to go gluten and dairy free as coz we are constipated our colon take time to eliminate food so do not eat food that is hard to digest ie gluten, dairy red meat. Garlic onions. Which after about 6 months of not eating this all the inflammation in gut has gone. I also take probiotics, digestive enzymes and peppermint oil and it all has really helped me.

I hope this is of some help to u.. it is just what ive learnt from specialists and other sufferers...

Good gut flora is answer and not eating anything that makes our colon work even harder then it has to

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Oh Thank you.....l will try this...l appreciate the information! I tell you l have suffered with gut problems for 2 years or so! Test show nothing. l have discovered all food is not for me. When l could eat anything at one time. But l am learning and you need to eat.. from my gastro all the time!

Thank you Again


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