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Does cantaloupe have fiber?? l read that it is a fruit!

My doctor talked with me and went over the eating l do less of. I told him that l

have this thought if l eat l will not have a bowel movement. I am not trying to brag about not eating!! Very bad for you and not easy to correct. For me it is not! Like l told him if l

eat then l may not have a bowel movement the next day! I know it is all in my head and doctors have tried to help me to not worry about it! Tried to help me to eat again and stop the thoughts. l really thought about going to a hypnosis doctor. His nurse talked with me today and she is one of the kindest person. She told me if you do not eat you loose your energy and very hard if you wind up in the hospital! She told me to take the lenzsee but l fully believe if you eat a high fiber diet you will not have any problems with constipation. But l wanted to say l know Faye but tell it to

my heart to stop worrying. But l do love cantaloupe and salads. And you know it has been along time since l ate a cantaloupe too! Had a juicy salad also. Hope all of you do not tire of me. I am sure my IBS constipation is the same old same old but for me somehow it is a ( castastfree. Misspelled) :( I do appreciate anyone reading this and any responses will be appreciated. Your mind can do so many things to you if you let it!

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Hi there, I don't eat those melons but I found by looking on the internet that each cup of cubed cantaloupe contains 1.4 grams of fibre, which is 4 to 7 percent of the recommended daily intake for fibre.

By the way, I take Golden Linseed soaked in water for an hour for constipation and it works but works gently.

Best of luck

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You are welcome and you do need to eat but I know how difficult it is to know what to eat. I had another Colonoscopy last year (oh boy, the procedure is so much better than it was in the 90's!) and found that the preparation diet made me feel so much better. It was a boring diet as it had very little fruit and veg in it but I did feel so much better. You are looking at a soluable fibre diet rather than insoluable. This is worth a try.


You are right crazyfitness! The colonoscopy is better than it use to be!! For me to look around and say did l have the colonoscopy is something else. Dreaded it and now l do not so much! I still do not like having the test but better than long ago!Thanks for the info also about the soluable fibre diet than the other. Learning a lot that l never even thought of.



Much better and like you I am finding out about so much by being a member of this forum.

I've also read reviews on Kolanticon Gel which you can get through Chemist Direct but unfortunately it's out of stock at the mo but you can get it in other places; this is one I am going to try.


Best of luck to you :)


Thank you crazyfitness.... l have sure learned a lot of good info and bad for IBS. Things l never even about.

Thank you for your reply. :)


You are welcome Annie and known 'healthy' food is bad for IBS i.e. certainly vegetables/pulses etc.



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