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Tiredness - low on iron

Discovered this week that  my iron had fallen from 120mg in January to 80 mg this week so put on iron tablets. I have been so tired - I have a nap almost every afternoon! I am eating a very limited diet because I am newly diagnosed and have been so ill - was scared to eat so consulted a dietician who has me on a low allergy diet at the moment - brown rice, quinoa, rice noodles, rice cakes, gluten free porridge oats, fresh meat esp lamb, chicken and white fish - carrots, green beans, papaya, kiwi, - trying things slowly - was not eating anything for a while - everything hurt! - had watercress and red pepper for first time this week (been reading up about the FODMAP diet - trying things that are low FODMAP)   - anyway I am not surprised I am low on iron - has this been the experience of anyone else with IBS?

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