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Night time pain sufferer

My IBS problem is mainly pain at night thus sleeplessness.  I don't have toilet issues.  I find I cannot tolerate so many foods including some low FODMAP foods like salmon, courgettes and tinned fish.  Am taking probiotics, digestive enzymes and apple cider vinegar as well as mebeverine occasionally.  Nothing has helped much so far.  I have a very boring diet as so much bothers me.

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Have you had a colonoscopy? I know they are not fun!....but it would at least shed some light on what is or isn't the problem... Where is your pain? Are they gas pains...have the doctors suggested anything to help you solve this problem? I wish you good luck! That must be very difficult to endure... maybe you need to revisit your doctor.


Thanks BettyA.  I have had several colonoscopies over the years. All they say is there is no cancer.  My pains are certainly gas pains and all the doc did was prescribe the mebeverine.   Am seeing my GP again soon so shall ask more questions and also ask to see someone who can test me for allergies.  I have had IBS for about 20 years but it has become much worse over the last few months.  I moved house about 5 years ago. May be that? Who knows? 


I am also having terrible trouble sleeping due to my IBS, (although I have other medical issues) 

I recently put a post up about Aleo Ver! I am going to try (IBS-C only).

I heard a few people meantion apple cider vinegar, which I will try next. 

Only suggestion is hot water bottle, or heat pad. (I find hot water bottle to heavy on my stomach) 

Hope you get some rest soon!  

Clumsy ☆


Thanks Clumsy...and you.


Have you tried Buscopan? I find it more effective than all the other anti spasmodics.


Gripe water

Whiskey /brandy and hot water

Lie on back or tum not side

All shift wind 

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My only advise in this case would be looking into something called fructose malabsorption . It does develop sometimes and there are no obvious gut signs while doing all the usual testing . You will need a special breath test for that. If it's this then probiotics ( containing sugar or dairy ) and some regular IBS medication containing extra fiber would cause gut pain.

I feel much better now that I stopped all the above and am watching my diet . Not just low FODMAP but no fructose containing food . Hope that gives you some relief too .


Thank you Lamloum.   Well worth checking for fructose malabsorption. Where were you tested?   

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Hi Waterworks,

Sorry for late reply . I was not tested in the UK  but I can see online there are various private areas that test for it . Mainly in London . You can do it in a place called Bio lab or get them to send you the test to do at home . but I prefer when it comes to breath tests like ( lactose or SIBO etc.. ) to do them in house as results are more controlled and they use a specific little gadget to measure the air we are breathing out every 20 minutes or so after ingesting a certain amount of the offending solution mixed in water . They start you off by fasting the night before then on an empty stomach you do a base reading first then ingest the solution and on you go for I to 3 hours .

I had those tests a few times and obviously reacted badly to the solutions I was intolerant too but it's a necessary evil to know for sure and to see your numbers right there and then . Results are usually communicated to you later but it's very obvious while you are doing the test wether you react to it or not and as the solution is concentrated on an empty stomach if you have a strong intolerance like my case with lactose it was very evident no discussion. And I knew then and there to avoid lactose for sure.  

Good luck and keep us posted . 


Thank you for all your info. 


I also take Mebeverine but was told, & found it too be true, that it takes a couple of weeks of taking it 3 times a day to really work properly. I have to take it for a month at least. Bus open can be taken too if needed & works almost instantly.  My GP says that this is like paracetamol for the gut. It definitely helps. I'm also cutting down my fibre intake to help reduce gas!


Thank you GRannyAnne.   I was given mebeverine by my doc but stopped taking it after a couple of weeks. Perhaps I should go back on it especially when I go away.   So difficult to be feeling bad when you are not at home.



Mebeverine worked for me after taking it for three weeks then I stopped. My gut is still quite settled a few months on. Quite a comfort knowing it's there if I need it.

My husband took digestive enzymes for relief before having his gall bladder removed and he swore by them whereas I'm afraid I would swear at them - the disruption they caused me was unbelievable.


hi Waterworks, disturbed sleep is not good, especially if it goes on over a long time.

just some basic thoughts:

Try to give 4 hours or so before bed without food

Do not have any caffeine, that means tea or coffee during this time, peppermint tea is great or even hot water

Avoid any fizzy drinks throughout the day.

Have you tried relaxation techniques before bed

Try a smaller evening meal and avoid anything containing sugar

Avoid going on the computer etc at least 2 hours before bed time.  This does not affect ibs directly but will make it hard for the brain to relax.

If I was you then I would drop the apple cider vinegar, although a 'healthy' thing to take it is still a vinegar and might cause pain to an already inflamed gut

Are the probiotics and digestive enzymes of a good quality.  Not all are and the dig enzymes should be taken before food and the probiotics immediately after eating.

Might be worth coming off these too for a few days and seeing what happens

It is always worth trying a really bland diet say just chicken and white rice, no veggies for a few days too

Good luck and hoping you feel better soon 


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All very helpful. I will try all you suggest. Have also decided to give acupuncture a try.    Thank you penelope2.


Hi Penelope2 I totally agree with you . I followed above advice and it really helped . New iPhone software now have a night time light too as I always have to go on my phone at night  and I can tell the difference when I use the regular light or night light . 

Stopping the vinegar too helped. 



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