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Excessive night time urinating

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Hi all...can anyone relate to this...I am up through the night 4 or 5 times urinating! Wake up several times feeling very uncomfortable and nauseous and when bladder is emptied start feeling bit better (til the next empty!). Lack of sleep makes IBS much worse as we all know! Am at the age where people tend to 'go' more but this is excessive. Look forward to your comments.

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There are so many reasons for going through the night (Insulin related/prostate/ even excessive drinking). Other than suggesting you do not drink after 8.00 pm, and see what happens, alternatively, you should really go and see your GP.

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Thanks...dont drink alcohol and I only sip water after teatime. Have had sugar tested recently so my next step may be to ring the doc. I have some diverticuloses as had colonoscopy just before lockdown. Havny been able to see my consultant since (only phone appointment). Need to talk face to face to say this is where it hurts!

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Am female by the way

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Join the club, been like it for 10 years, had numerous tablets, nothing works , I also have I s, and diverticulitis,

Sorry to ask but do you snore a lot? I have sleep Apnea and before this was diagnosed and treated I was getting out pretty much every hour overnight. Can be because you keep waking with the apnea your body keeps producing pee. Worth a check if you do snore.

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Thanks for that...ive started drinking more water and it seems to be helping

I go often no matter whether its day or night :/

Think it's an age thing with me now (am 70) but is defo one of my particular IBS symptoms

If diabetes has been ruled out. I suggest you ask your GP for referal to Urology.

In a full 24hr period write down time and volume of any fluid intake. Get a plastic measuring jug to urinate into, measure time and volume of urine output.

This information is very valid to take for your GP and Urology specialist for their initial investigation.

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Pthom50 in reply to d3b13

Thanks for that...if it doesnt resolve will go down that route

Could be enlarged prostate (BPH). I had a flow test done which indicated slow rate and problematic retention. So am on waiting list for urolift. Caffeine should be avoided. I now just have ordinary tea first thing and then switch to decaff' for the rest of the day. I try to make my last drink around mid afternoon, just having a small lager or wine with supper. I also have sleep apnea, confirmed by a sleep study quite a few years ago. Your GP will give you a short questionnaire to complete, which might then indicate a sleep study. A CPAP machine, from the evidence does reduce nocturia (night time peeing). So see your GP.

(You didn't say whether you have IBS-D or IBS-C?)

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Pthom50 in reply to FerdyOne

Am female

Thanks for that useful info...am IBS D

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Don't know if I should have picked up the fact that you are female earlier. :):)

I have IBS-D and take codeine phosphate and on further advice soluble fibre like rye crispbreads bread etc. Also take golden linseed. The combination works well to keep IBS under control.

Thanks...all taken on board

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