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Night time acid

I have IBS-d, controlled by half an Imodium Instant per day.

I had my Gallbladder removed last year. At the time I also had an endoscopy, the surgeon told me I have a small hiatus hernia.

At that time my acid reflux was controlled by 20 mg Omeprazole.

15 months on I now need to take 40 mg Omeprazole a day to keep the acid away, and I still need to be careful what I eat.

Does anyone out there recognise this pattern of increase? I also have a job where I lift things. The surgeon said this would not cause acid, but I'm not so sure as the acid is often better when I'm on holiday.

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Hi,I had my Gallbladder out about 10yrs ago,and ever since then I've suffered chronic IBS. I wasn't given anything for the acid,but since then I had a Heart Attack and I was put on Asprin (among other meds) and because of taking Asprin I was also put on 30mg Lansoparol ,but recently I've cut that down to 15mg,and I occasionally have Acid Reflux I then have 2 tablets for a night or two. But I was never given anything for acid in the first place. I think you may find in time it will settle down,I hope so.

Take care


Thank you Gemini71. I had a sensitive tummy from childhood, but I think it has got worse since my gallbladder removal. I read somewhere it's the bile acid.


I've had chronic reflux for over 30 years despite using Omeprazole. I had my gall bladder removed a year ago and had hoped that getting rid of my inflamed gall bladder would improve the reflux, but that didn't happen.

I discovered Remegel chews and found that two chewed, one immediately after the other, worked immediately to stop that dreadful pain with no need to repeat the dose. The Omeprazole leaflet says not to take any indigestion remedy at the same time as Omeprazole, but this is ok for me as I find the Remegel much faster-acting and with longer lasting results.

And don't let anyone tell you that reflux isn't triggered by bending, lifting or reaching. I can tell you after many years of experience that it certainly is !!

It comes in a box of 3 packs costing around £3 and you can find it at any pharmacy.

Best wishes to you, Cat x


Thank you for your reply Cat, I will try Remegel. I retire next February, so not too long until I can stop lifting!


Hi just a couple of suggestions that help me, eat smaller meals more frequently and eat slowly, stop eating 2 hours before lying down. Wishing you well


Thank you for your good wishes. I do make sure I have my evening meal as early as possible and I am having smaller meals. The one I have a problem with is slowing down my eating. I do try!


Hi, I had my gallbladder out 2 years ago.Before that I was. Fit . Since then I cannot pick up heavy bags of shopping or plant pots. I also find stretching up to clean windows or reaching Up in the supermarket for some thing , it's as if someone has punched in the stomach and the pain then turns into ibs and I end up in the loo after that I am ok . I think it is bile hitting my stomach, I used to be able to dig my garden and go for long walks but walking hurts my stomach it's like walking with stitch , does anyone else get this.


Hi guys I too have chronic reflux it is too bad

and I have just been diagnosed with gall stones my aim was to have my gall bladder removed . But after reading your comments , I am scared to death and very very confused !!!


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