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A dying bowel intussusception/What scanning

Adult intussusception is apparently rare. My concern is that Intussusception can cut off the blood supply to the affected portion of the intestine. If left untreated, lack of blood causes tissue of the intestinal wall to die. Tissue death can lead to a tear (perforation) in the intestinal wall, which can cause an infection of the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritonitis)

Has anyone had an in depth CT for this condition?

Any recommendations of where to get the best care?  UK

Please make contact


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Hi again, I know of someone who went to St Marks Hospital in Harrow. I think they have a good name. 


Thanks for mentioning St Marks.

I was referred by my GP waited 3 months to see  Ms Vaizey st St Marks.

I have waited weeks for old scans to be put onto their system. Had a banding session which has in fact made things worse but hopefully will settle. My anal discomfort has not eased. They have put me down for bio-feed or physio of sorts. (It's not that I haven't gone down this route before) I'm in waiting mode. I'm hoping for some indepth scans. 

Intussusception appears to be written off as a mere fact and ignored  at most institutions including the Mayo USA.

My best friend the bath tub, the sunshine and thank g-d for this forum. 

Thanks for contrubuting.



Hi, I'm sorry you are feeling so unwell. The reason I know of St Marks is that someone I know had their entire large bowel removed there years ago. They didn't have a bag just had it all joined up again. Their colon had just stopped working, unfortunately their small bowel is struggling  now so a bag might be on the horizon. 

It's difficult as they seem to see a different doctor each time on the NHS so most of the appointment is spent explaining the history of it all! We try and stay positive but the doctors are not as sympathetic as they should be and I wonder sometimes if they actually know what they are doing! My friend's quality of life has gone downhill recently and I wonder if a bag is the answer? There would be no going back this time though. St Marks is out of our area so I'm not sure if they would be sent back there again.

Wishing you well X


how did you get on with intussusception


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