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I will be a brief as possible but I read a post from notibs 14 days ago entitled 'The diagnosis IBS is nonsensicle' and I read it with interest.  She is an American Doctor and like us got so fed up with being fobbed off by doctors that she decided to research into this herself.  I agreed with all of what she said - you should read it as after reading it I had an appointment last night with my Nurse Practitioner for a regular Smear and I said to her, whilst I am here I just wanted to say how fed up I am with my IBS - it's getting worse.  I then went on to say that I had read the post on here and she said yes, it's a bacteria that you may have in your stomach called helicobacter pylori and it's possible you may have it.  She then proceeded to give me a pot for a stool sample and said that if it comes back positive then I will be given 3 lots of strong antibiotics.  My Nurse Practitioner was really lovely and listened to everything I said.

I am now waiting for the results and will let you know what they are but in the meantime I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Just thought that it may be worth trying this with your doctors and if they don't listen - insist.

Best of luck all

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  • It would be interesting to see a study that analysed the correlation between IBS and H. pylori. While the bacteria is associated with ulcers there is one expert on H. pylori who thinks that it might actually be beneficial and reside in most people's stomachs without any negative consequences. Ergo, the treatment with antibiotics might clear up the IBS by killing off other bacteria in the gut.

    All the same, I'd be interested to hear how you get on and no matter what the cause, if you get antibiotics and they solve your problem, all the better. Also impressed that the nurse was able to offer you a stool test - are you based in the UK?

  • Hi patient, I am based in the UK and I was also impressed with the nurse.  She has been at our practice for a very long time now and it was only by mentioning to her that I was totally fed up that she mentioned a stool test and 3 lots of antibiotics if I have the bacteria.  Will let all know on the Forum of how I get on.

  • I was diagnosed with HP but not given antibiotics, this was some years ago mind.  I was prescribed and anti spasmodic and a gastro med ( Alverine and Lansoprazole) which alleviated the problem but not altogether.  I still have episodes at least once a month, absolute nightmare, bloating gripping pain spasms', urge to go but only pass mucus and cant urinate.  An episode can last approx. three hours and subsides after passing small stool and emptying bladder.  Stomach feels bruised for a couple of days after.        

  • And it all started from there for me. I had upper gastric pain ( which now I know is from drinking fizzy drinks ) still get pain so avoid them . Anyway had endoscopy and that's where gastro dr found the bacteria . So I got the heavy antibiotics and God were they strong . Stomach ache , constant runs . Couldn't even go work just stayed home sick and no appetite . It was awful so awful . Day night cramps and rubs . On the fifth day I stopped taking antibiotics couldn't handle it. So did test and Bacteria was gone . So one month later I got c.diff and my life has never been the same since . 

  • Turned out everyone at work had the bacteria and treated the same way but I was the unfortunate one who ended up with c.diff followed by ibs. Now I stuffed. Specialist says maybe permanent maybe 12 months . Had the local dr told me to take probiotics during the strong antibiotics maybe I wouldn't have ended with c.diff.

  • Hi. It is worth noting that you can't be tested for helicobacter if you are taking operozole or laprorozole (excuse spelling ). My gp treated me for helicobacter without testing as I was desperate but it made no difference so I don't think I had it. Will be interested to see what your results are.  Good luck. If you do end up taking the antibiotics make sure you take a really good probiotic or as previously mentioned it will kill off all your good bacteria and could make things worse   

  • I also read there may be an association between heliobacter and ibs so i bought a home test kit and it was negative  

  • I've had IBS for over 20 years and also had treatment for hpylori approx 10 years ago. To me the pain and other symptoms of both are completely different to each other and although the medication to treat the latter worked, it did nothing for the ibs.

  • Hi, thank you for all your replies.  I've had IBS for 21 years nearly and have to say like a lot of you on here am fed up with it.  I take probiotics all the time and have been taking them for many years now - the ones that don't seem to work at Acidophilus, well they don't with me.  I had the tests years ago - Colonoscopy and Endoscopy and that's when they said it was IBS - I believe and have done for a long time that it's a label as they don't know what it is.  If this doesn't work then it will be an exclusion diet for me - foodintolerancesolutions.com/ - this is an excellent website and I have been in contact with the person, Mary Roe.  Her charges are so so reasonable.

    Best of luck to you all.

  • Thanks for the good info.  I tested positive for HP some years back, not a stool sample to my recollection, but was not given antibiotics.  My IBS! occurs once or so a month, when its unbearable;  bloated hard tum the usual very painful gripping cramps, urges to go but only pass mucus and unable to pass water. This goes on for 2-3 hours, then small stool and able to urinate and gripping pain subsides, although following couple of days tummy feels very tender like bruising on the inside.   I am prescribed anti spasmodic and gastric meds, but have recently tried Sillicol gel.  I must say the gel does keep my motions regular, which is a first, so fingers crossed my IBS C may be under control.......shhhhh hope I haven't jinxed myself.

    Good luck with your investigations.

  • Thank you Amcc for commenting on my post.  I am keeping everything crossed that this may be the answer after 21 years of suffering.  I had a particularly bad day on Friday and had to leave work early as I was feeling slightly sick and exhausted.  I then suffered pain all evening which didn't go with any medication and the hot water bottle didn't even help, which is unusual.

    I hope all goes well with you and that you are getting better.

  • so does it need special testing tools for this bacteria or just a normal stool test?

  • I had to provide a stool sample and I understand that sometimes they have to grow further bacteria on it before they can diagnose.  Just waiting now for the results which I am hoping to get tomorrow.

  • Hi All

    Well I had the test for the above and unfortunately it came back as negative.  Back to the research to find a cure.  I will now be starting an elimination diet when I come back from holiday in a few weeks - don't want to have the fuss and bother with a special diet when away on holiday.

    Best of luck to all

  • Hi crazyfitness, 

    Unfortunately most of the the stool tests to find H pylori or any other bacteria that could be causing your IBS given by the NHS, hospitals, etc use methods and technology that is years behind. The test rely on culturing stool samples in a lab dish or under a microsocope most microbes can't really survive in oxygen which means that after a few days or week in oxygen your sample won't represent what you pooped out!  So they aren't accurate. 

    Infact after I tested for H pylori with my doc I didn't find much but when I retested with more advanced methods called DNA PCR analysis and a comprehensive test I not only found H pylori but strains of it that can be cancerogenous and it was accompanied by another parasite.

    Basically the new methods find things that the old testing methods coldnt.

    Crazy ha! Not sure why they don't want to upgrade I've been asking myself that since I waisted a lot of time going crazy over what wa causing my issues.

    So Instead of waisting more time and money I decided to work with an expert in IBS a private practitioner who got me a specific advanced IBS test through private labs.  I worked with  him for a bit and with some dedication on diet, supplements to get rid of my issues and lifestyle changes I finally got better.

  • Hi Rome39 - sounds very interesting what you have written and I shouldn't really be surprised because doctors don't really understand this debilitating illness, it's kind of like 'you have IBS', suggest a couple of things and then send you off.  I am interested to know how you located an IBS private practitioner and how much it cost?  Diet is the next thing I am looking at but I'm not putting myself on any strict diet until I return from my holiday which is next month - I find it difficult to have to think about everything I am putting into my mouth when I'm away from home.

    Also, thank you very much for commenting.

  • I read that H.Pylori is the first known bacteria to be considered a carcinogen? So what is the prognosis for stomach cancer?

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