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Kefir Grains

Hi,I've put an earlier post on but I don't think I worded it right so here goes again.

Kefir is a grain which you make into probiotics,you can just keep making it once you have it to start with,and because it's fresh every day it's live or something like that.

Back in April a lady on the IBS forum was going to send me some she also sent me instructions on how to make it,but my hubby fell ill and I've never got back to her,I also lost her email regretfully. Because a lot has happened in my life lately I even forgot her name.

If you are that lady,or you know of her,because she was going to give a few people some PLEASE get in touch with me,as I'm at my wits end with daily pain from IBS.

If you have took the time to read my post


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Hi Gemini... there are some really good ideas online...just Google How To Make Kefir and you will come up with some ideas...and its not really difficult... I think the word 'grain' might throw one off... Its totally liquid... My daughter used to make it all the time. Plus you can buy Kefir (including lactose free) at all the major grocery stores.

Good luck! You will do fine! :)


Thanks Betty but I've tried all our grocery stores and no ones heard of it let alone sell it.


Oh no!! :( Well, shoot, that's not fair! Sorry your stores don't carry it! So, back to making it, eh??


I have never tried this but looked around for it, some of the big supermarkets have it.


Tesco,Asda,Morrisons or Sainsburys don't. I've asked them all.


They do online from what I read, I'll look again. Ps Just had a look, Tesco do it looks like its ready prepared though.


Lou,I've asked in Tesco,they say no they've never heard of it???


If you are in the states...the really big WalMarts or Targets that have a complete grocery store in them ... might carry it, too.


Sorry Betty,I'm not in the states I'm in the UK.


Hi, I got mine from a International store as it is popular in Poland, hope this helps.


I bought my kefir grains on ebay. you can found milk kefir or water kefir.


Thank you, I'm not sure I know what you do with it yet!!


Hi Norma,

I have just looked on Ebay and you can buy starter culture packs, you can buy lots of different kefir starter packs, with I am sure instruction how yo make it.

How are you and your hubby? Would be nice to hear from you, I have a viral infection at the moment, it makes my fibro feel as much worse, have moved nearer to my son

Abd although I see them nearly every day, still feel lonely, missing my Graham, and my neighbours I had known for over 50 years.

Lots if Love,



Hi Pat, It's lovely to hear from you,although I was hopeing it would be better news. I thought you may be happier liveing by your son,but I suppose they have there own lives to live.

I'm going through hell with my IBS,that's why I was going to try Kefir,

I don't like this old age Pat.lol it seems every time I see a DR he gives me another health problem.

My hubby's doing fine now every things running to plan. He's Haveing no problems with his treatment,and he certainly hasn't got the pain me and you have. You take care Pat,and we must keep in touch more often.💕💕


Hi Norma,

I agree we should be keeping in touch more often.

I am happier living near my Son and it is lovely seeing my grand children every day, I think it is just taking me a little more time to settle, the people here are very friendly,

went to a Friendship Club last week, and they were lovely, mostly elderly, but some were saying that moving here was quite overwhelming.

Found out last week that my previous Dr had not sent my Medical records, they were rather lax in lots of things I was really mad, as my new Dr could not give me the appointments I needed, still hopefully they will come through out, I think they have have sent some paper notes, so hope the electronic ones come through soon, This Dr is more thorough.

I am having Physiotherapy and acupuncture at the moment, but only just started so early days.

Sorry to hear that youIBS is giving you a rough time, I am taking Optibac Probiotic

everyday extra strengh, and fingers crossed it is not too bad at the monent.

Also glad to hear that your husband's treatment is going well and causing him no problems, must have put your mind at rest, and took pressure off your own health problems, no it's not a lot of fun growing old, had an ECG today and the Dr said it was reasonablely alright, what does that mean?

Have you bought any of the Kefir yet? It's difficult finding something that helps, did you finish the Hypotherapy, you never said.

Well will go now, write soon

Lots of hugs,

Pat. xxx


I think it must be available in the US as all the Youtube blogger videos about how to make kefir are American girls, perhaps you could comment on one of their blogs to find out where they buy theirs from?


Thank you all for your replays,I found what I was looking for,so no more problem.


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