Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this whole forum is becoming like the fodmap forum. Almost every post I read , the answer is always fodmap. I am sure it works for some sufferers but not everyone.

It is great to have the forum to be able to chat about IBS and maybe derive some comfort from others. Advice from others is also great but every post I seem to read almost every day seems to have someone on about fodmap. It is almost like the fodmap people are commissioning people to push it. Unlikely I know but it feels like it when it pops up in answer to so many posts.

Maybe just me but I am just getting fed up reading about this possible solution / cure. In 50 years of IBS no medical practitioner has ever advised me about it.

I write this purely out of interest to find if others feel the same. If not , no problem , perhaps it is just me.

I have nothing against fodmap , if it works fine. It is just that it comes across as the great panacea to cure everyone.

No doubt this will result in some controversial replies, however, should be interesting.


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  • I do agree that the Fodmap seems to be the one of the most advised cures at the moment.

    My dr actually did mention it to me and downloaded the app. on my phone for me!! Diet can work for some people ( not me). I don't think there is a conspiracy amongst the Fodmap users lol.

    Grasping at straws comes to mind.

    But each to their own etc etc.

  • Cheers Angie11 .

    Fair reply.


  • Hi

    I just wonder if you actually suffer from IBS. There has been very little help out there for sufferers and it is not surprising that something that has a 75% success rate is being talked about.

  • Hi fodmap 15,

    Interesting, even your site name !

    Why would you wonder if I actually suffer from IBS ? Odd thing to say, have you read all my other posts. What have I had for last 50 years then ? As I said though , I expected some controversy in replies.

    I have not seen any evidence of a 75% success rate ,however, I think you miss the point.

    I am happy for those who have success with fodmap , it is just that it is becoming the standard reply to everyone's post and tiresome for those , for whom it does not help.

    Your reply is , basically saying if fodmap does not work for you , then you don't have IBS. Example, what about people with nervous issues , where even a glass of water makes their system work like lightening. Quick transit. If you have to be at an appointment at a specific time and nerves or fear of an attack spark an attack off.

    Will leave it there,as I said , I thought this would be interesting. If everyone who fodmap does not work for , does not have IBS , then guess what --you have cured it completely !


  • I am sorry, from your tone I seem to have upset you! I am certainly not saying if Fodmap does not work for you then you don't have IBS.

    From my experience, it does help many people suffering from IBS.

    I apologise as you seem very irritable about any suggestion that following this regime helps but there does not appear to be a lot of help out there for sufferers. I particularly recognise the mind/gut connection and am very sensitive the stress IBS causes.

    I shall check out your previous posts.

  • Hi Will1234

    Have now browsed your posts and can see you suffer badly with IBS. This condition certainly makes life very difficult and social situations become hard to manage.

    I became very interested in IBS my daughter is a sufferer. I have studied nutrition and weight management and specialize in food intolerances and allergies. After a good deal of research she tried Fodmap and it has changed her life. Yes she does have to follow some rules but she knows now she has the tools to manage her diet.

    Stress plays a big role in causing IBS in the first place and the of course stress due to the symptoms of IBS!

    I think the real issue is that Fodmap does not work if it is not properly understood and whilst many hospitals agree it can be very successful, NHS funding is stretched and help is not always available.

    I hope this explains my interest and enthusiasm for helping those with IBS.

    We also have some things in common! I love Italy, having had many holidays there and recently spent a glorious week in Sicily. I also play golf!!

  • Hi Fodmap 15

    Thanks for reply . I understand your good intentions in helping others.

    I probably overstated my case , but it was simply the way I felt reading the same FODMAP replies to so many posts. If NHS had ever suggested that I follow a Fodmap diet , eliminating the carbohydrates, that are supposed to be responsible and supplied help , support etc I might have even found that It was worth persevering , however, that was not the case.

    I understand your wish to help other IBS sufferers but as I said , it just seemed that every post I have chosen to read recently , seemed to have people banging on about FODMAP as though it was a cure for everyone. I began to think that this site should be named the FODMAP forum.

    Sorry if this got too personal , that was not my intention .

    Glad we have some things in common and glad Fodmap works for you

    Wishing you well.


  • Didn't work for me but it is a logical trial as can identify trigger foods on a structured way.

  • Thanks for reply philward. It can , I would agree find some triggers , mainly though related to carbohydrates I would think. Not sure if it would help if something else --say alcohol for example , or the many preservatives in foods was the trigger.


  • Each to their own. As I said it didn't work for me but was helpful

  • What I would say is that the app was great on identifying ingredients and additives also. It was certainly structured also for trial and exclusion purposes. I found the classic onions, garlic, wheat, cauliflower and mushrooms to be my main issues.

  • Hi. I'm new to this forum and have specificallyasked for advice on FODMAP diets so maybe in part responsible for the recent activity! I'm finding it helpful obviously 😁but maybe you need to start an alternate thread as I'm happy to get any info on IBS which may help me.

  • Hi pennyjames,

    Thanks for reply. You are not responsible. I am glad to hear something working for you.

    I was simply fed up with every post I read having fodmap people giving the same cure all information. I began to think the site should just have a standard answer to everyone - "go to Monash University web site and buy the Fodmap app".

    I am glad if it works for you.


  • Well I don't know yet as I'm yet to start it! But it seems a good place to start....

  • Hi PennyJames,

    Thanks for reply. Yes it could well be a good place to start. Hope it works for you. It is not the easiest diet to follow but does no harm to try it and you might learn about things to avoid.

    Best wishes


  • If FODMAP works for you (sadly not me), that's great & surely, if something works and helps you, you'd be delighted to share the info with others to try & help them too. Especially in this weird world of digestive disorders where we all, even health professionals seem to be a bit in the dark. I admire anyone who can stick to FODMAP, it's not an easy option, but to get your life back -yippee!

  • Agreed. Good reply .

    Still get fed up reading about it every post though.

    Maybe I just stop reading them .


  • Hi Will,

    I have beaten chronic IBS (on my own), and although a low Fodmaps diet helped as part of the equation (I didn't know they were low Fodmaps at the time, but followed my digestion) for me there is a lot more to IBS than meets the eye.

    Candida was another part of the answer, as was taking stress levels down and learning to get to the triggers and deep roots - and accepting fear.

    There are simple tools I have used successfully in my blogposts, if you are interested.


  • Cheers ,Alisonfromsickofibs. My IBS usually quite well in control but not cured. Every so often something can make it flare up. Even things that have been okay previously can spark it off at another time.

    To be honest , after 50 years of it , I doubt that there is a fix for me. Having said that ,my symptoms no where as bad as some who describe there illness on this forum.

    Thank you again for reply.


  • Hi Will,

    I had IBS for over 25 years, and digestive problems all my life. Mine got so bad I had to stop and understand what was going on. I never thought I would find my way out, but I did.

    What do you need to learn or do Will to be able to move forward with your IBS?


  • Hi AlisonfromsickofIBS

    Thank you for your reply. I hope that my last post explains my situation . Basically I have , to some degree, given up trying to find a cure now. I could no doubt do and try more things but have tried so many things to no avail --since age 20.

    Just would like to enjoy the rest of life, as well as possible, be able to get out, play my golf , go on holiday and enjoy meals etc with my family. I try not to be stupid and try to avoid obvious triggers but that does not always work. It is an annoying condition and I hate that it can rule me.



  • Candida !!! That was what started my ibs after huge amount of antibiotics and my stomach never been

    Same since.

    I have given up gluten yeast sugar and dairy. Also i take Alot of supplements for the stomach and to kill the candida and after 6 months i seem to have it controlled .

    I also lost two stone and my hair nails and skin look great so double happy lol

  • That's great!

  • Totally agree. Fodmap didn't work for me.

  • Hi sg25

    Glad I am not alone. Just got fed up hearing about how Fodmap was so wonderful and the answer !

    thanks for reply.


  • Sadly not for me either but i did just start to find my triggers myself, ie spices, onions, gluten and dairy ..

    All bad for u anyway so just decided to live a healthier life, u are what u eat...

    i saw a nutrionalist and a allergist and was told take probiotics, digestive emzymes and i had a overgrowth of candida which is common in ibs sufferers and with all that it is under control!

    I have bad days but there once in couple months now not once a day!

  • I have started using Probotics and seen a huge improvement. kefir yogurt at firsty but tasted awful so now taking a concentrated tablet every day. A huge huge improvement. I have been following a FODMAP regime for 3 and half years. I am ncgs gluten sensitive but have a high intolerance/allergy to onions. And all things fake, preservatives, fake sugers, glucose etc. This I have know for most of my life. I never handled it properly UntiI I hit rock bottom and my brilliant Mum who is a Nutritionalist help me. She tried for a long time, but until you except there is an issue you aren't ready. I asked for help. My life has changed in every way. The battle is always there but so much easier.

    I can now talk about it rather than hide. I sleep better. Can go out. Drive long distance, am happy, and in control.

    We are all different and with support and perseverance I have worked out what works for me. And what doesn't.

  • Good on you!

    I know it a hard thing to do, i have literally changed my whole lifestyle, in a way it all been for best.

    I live a healthier life, eat so clean and healthy. No sugar, gluten, dairy. It had helped massively....

    It has taken a good three to six months to work but now i can more or less lead a normal

    Life.. only prob i have is finding places to eat! Ie restaurants....

    I do unfortunately think some people cannot find there trigger or somedays they can have something then week later they cant so it very hard. I just know whats gona upset me as soon as i see or smell something...

    Spicey NOPE!!! Bread or yeasty stuff NOPE!!

    Plan old chicken, spinach, new pots and green beans is general dinner for me!

    I also have a friend who just has no willpower then wanders why she in pain all time so u know we dont all find it easy! I cried for a week when i was told I was gluten and dairy intolerant, i remember goin in to morrisons and i stood there and cried as i had no idea where to start but u just learn

  • Oh I have cried in the supermarket too. And stood wailing in the kitchen angrily shouting 'all I can eat is an egg and rice cake!'

    I too can look and something and know if it will agree with me or not. My tummy gets the sensation as a warning. Mind over gut is very true.

    If I fall of the wagon or get very stressed I suffer. But rather than get angry about it now I know only I can sort it out. It did take a long time to get to this stage. Lots of tears and stomping out of kitchen!

  • Oh god my poor boyfriend he went through a month of basically food pmt!!!

    I would cry and have a strop coz he could eat and i couldnt and i would stomp upstairs coz i could not bare to sit there and watch him eat normal...

    Now i go from sainsburys to morrisons to asda and between the 3 i get all my food and even he has started eating my food!

    The morrison sausage are all gluten free and they are lovely and no spice or onions in them.

    Sainsburys do good gluten dairy free biscuits, i find ginger ones help with stomach.

    I gave up milk i have soya milk.

    Spinach and green beans is my saviour and white rice. Schar crackers! Blessing ! Asda do a gluten dairy free bar of choc that taste like choc orange.

    So i get by. I even went to nandos yesterday!

    Had no sauce but chicken chips and pea and i was fine.

    I always take me probiotic and digestive enzymes before i eat. Good gut bacteria!!!

    I just got back

    From italy thought it would b a nightmare

    But i lived on chicken and veg and vegetable risotto so was ok! Plus they very good with allergies and intolerances

  • You sound like you have it sussed. Happy to share some recipes if you like

  • Hello Louise,

    When you say you tried Kefir yogurt at first but now taking a concentrated tablet, do you mean a concentrated tablet of kefir?? If so where do you buy them or does your doctor prescribe them??

    I have heard a lot about Kefir helping IBS sufferers as a 'milky' drink, but a Tablet would be so much better I think. - hope you can help!!

  • Hi everyone.

    Glad my post seems to have produced some interest.

    I personally feel that at this stage in life , after 50 years of Ibs and the way it can affect , almost take over your life, that I just have to accept the condition and it is unlikely to be fixed now. I know some of my triggers, Onions, Cream , ice cream, sweetcorn , various preservatives, sugar substitutes and maybe sometimes alcohol, particularly wine. Sometimes though , I can eat a meal and be fine and another time the same meal causes a problem.

    I sometimes know straight away , after one bite or even smell that it is going to be a problem. I also find that an attack can occur shortly after eating , yet read that it takes so long to pass through system etc etc.

    At coming up to 71 yrs , I am just trying to avoid my worst triggers but I don't want to deprive myself of all enjoyment of eating and stick to a restrictive diet and have my wife needing to buy and prepare separate dishes for me, which may or may not even work. Maybe if I was really suffering very badly , I would have to follow some tough eating regime but I just have an odd bad day , maybe once a week or so . I just try to control the situation, if possible, when it occurs and use Immodium to enable me to continue my day.

    Probably at my stage in life and having suffered for so long , I am not representative of the average sufferer on this forum. I just like the comfort of not being the only one with this condition and somehow it is good to be able to chat about it openly with others who understand.

    So thank you all for your interest and replies . Lastly I am happy for those who get relief from Fodmap , I just felt that on reading replies to posts , some people seem to think it cures everyone and it was getting a bit boring reading this over and over .

    Thanks again for everyones interest


  • As a newbie to the FODMAP diet, I assure you I have no agenda. Just a fellow sufferer looking for relief. The diet has helped me build awareness about what might be effecting my health. I am not a strict FODMAP, for I am unable to digest many grains or nightshades, but it has been a guide of sorts to what might be causing my challenges and foods as an alternative. I found FODMAP through a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. She is trained in IBS and such and has been incredibly helpful. Just like celiac and other illness there does seem to be a lack of support or even compassion for those who suffer with these illnesses. I think we are all looking for bread and when we find it we share, which is a beautiful way to spread some healing for us all.

  • Thank You IBSLon , that is good.-- not really sure what else to say --if it works for you great.! I had hoped the issue was covered fully in my last post. All for sharing and helping , just not always Fodmap Fodmap Fodmap. That was the original issue raised.. Nothing to do with not sharing or anything else .

    Hope all now clear.



  • It does not work for me. Been on and off it for six years. Nothing works!

  • I dont buy the stress angle. My only stress was work, so I retired. Didnt help a bit! I have been through hell for years now. On so many rescue drugs that its a wonder I have not overdosed!

  • Hi Golf99,

    Yes , the stress is an odd thing. Like you , my main stress was my work and I also retired ( at age 50). I found it did not mean an end to IBS , far from it, but it was better. I improved a lot and it was obviously much easier to deal with.

    So certainly not just stress, that is the total answer. I often wondered if something stressful brought on an attack , or on the other hand , did I get stressed due to the IBS attack. Sort of chicken -egg thing. Now I think it can be a bit of both. Sometimes something stressful in your mind, even worrying about going somewhere and thinking what if I have a sudden urgent attack , can I think actually make an attack more likely .

    I also am pretty sure a bad attack also causes me to get a bit stressed and certainly panicked if I feel it starting and it coming on at an inconvenient time --Like half way round the golf course , or stuck in a traffic jam.

    I am certainly better since retirement , attacks not as bad and not now multiple daily IBS issues, Also normally can be controlled with Immodium if going somewhere , where an attack of urgency a major problem. No real conclusion but I think foods or chemicals in food and stress all somehow play a part..

    Sorry to hear that you are having to take so many drugs , that in itself could be stressful and I hope things improve for you and maybe you will find something that works.


  • I have found fodmap to be the most useful help ever. It releives many of the symptoms. I actually quite easy to follow. I am not cured but can really manage IBS with it.

  • That's great for you!


  • Hi Will1234,

    I agree. Low fodmap doesn't work for everyone with IBS. It doesn't work for me. I cannot eat ANY dairy at all. I am shocked that the low fodmap diet basically says you can eat all the dairy you want, as long as it's lactose free or hard cheeses. Even lactose free milk and ice cream tears up my stomach! I don't believe it just the the lactose that causes problems, it's the milk proteins - casein & whey.

    If I follow the low Fodmap diet AND omit all dairy, I'm fine...but that is an extremely restrictive diet! I do best on gluten free, dairy free and very low fat. Especially saturated fat 😁

    Thank you for your post!


  • Hi Amy,

    Thanks for reply. We are all slightly different. It does seem that fodmap works for many and that is great. As I said before, I just got fed up with it appearing as the answer on almost every post. It actually just made me stay out of this site , which is a pity but I don't need to have fodmap info as answer to everyone's IBS issues .



  • Yeh fodmap doesnt do it for me i have to b totally dairy free( soya milk, no eggs and no butter and no cheese)!

    Also gluten but my main trouble is yeast.... i cannot eat anything with yeast in even beer as it bloats me and makes me so ill.

  • I agree, i dont come on ibs forums that much anymore either, some days all the q's seem to be about how to follow it, why its not working, or why safe foods affect them or non safe one don't or about the app etc,

    i hate fodmaps diet, any good nutritionist knows its a band aid if even that.

    Also as the diet is not meant for long term use, the ones who keep on it actually risk more problems.

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