I've been suffering with a severe case of IBS for almost a year now, and am trying to get my stomach pains and nausea under control. I've had mild depression for about 10 years now, but ever since I was diagnosed with IBS, it's gotten a lot worse. I've been avoiding taking any medication for depression because I am worried about the side effects, but I feel like I am at my breaking point with this. I am wondering if anybody diagnosed with IBS have also been suffering with depression and have been taking medication for it. Has it helped? Or made things worse?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Sorry you are feeling this way, depending on what you are taking for your depression, and how it affects your IBS. I would talk to your GP about your concerns, if you feel the Meds are affecting your IBS. There where days when mine got me down, but I didn't take any Meds for it. Don't sit and suffer and hope it gets better book an appointment and discuss it. I hope you find the right Meds and solution, and wish you well. Take care.

  • Hello. Excuse my English, I am a Dutchman. I recognise your problem very well. My doctor prescribed me a ver old antidepressant (more than 50 years on the market). Normally no one descripes it anymore since there are modern pills.

    But this antipressant has a ver very possitive side effect: it is antispasmolyticum, that takes away your cramps. Just take a very low dose before you go to sleep. It takes away the restless nights, you sleep better and it helps feeling more relaxed. You can google it, to find out what I say here.

    It is called AMITRIPTYLINE. Succes!!! My name is Hansjelle, and I live in Leusden, Netherlands

    My nickname is Buik_Pijn (means bellypain)

  • Dear cegates, this is all really hard stuff you're going through, but you can slowly get there with perseverance and kindness to yourself and from others.

    About 10 years ago I was really down and had lost a lot of weight because I had lost my appetite.

    It was really bad, before I had any hint of IBS, I really didn't want to take anti-depressants, so i understand your reluctance,but I eventually did and took a low dose of citalopram. It helped calm me and I was able to eat, in fact I put on rather too much weight, a whole other story.

    Also of course you will gradually work on all area of your life, diet, perhaps you could look at the low FODMAP DIET, gentle yoga, some gentle exercise, social things, but remember these things take time. I hope this helps a little, things can get better, really.

  • I also suffered depression and can relate to how you feel. At first I would not take anti depressants but eventually agreed to Venlafaxine. It most certainly helped with the depression and maybe also had a slight positive effect on Ibs. Only problem is that although I have reduced the dose to a vey small amount ,I cannot completely come off the drug. The side effects trying to stop were bad. This may be a feature of that particular pill.

    I also tried cognitive therapy and I would recommend this, I thought it was a tremendous help. It teaches you to view things from a different view point and I found it a real help. When you are depressed you tend to only see the black side ,feel you are in a big hole and cannot climb out.

    Hope this advice is of some use and if your depression is becoming a problem I would not discount meds. I would still do the same again and return to a medical dose if depression returned.


  • hi

    low dose of amytripyline can help with ibs and low dosage not addictive. helps a lot of people.if your not worn down by ibs then you will probably feel less depressed and look to doing activities which help boost addrenalin which helps with depression.

    worth a try for a few months-nothing to lose!

    it has helped me hence my suggestion.


  • I take anti anxiety meds with side effects of slowing down my bowels and help me sleep- so fantastic! . they have been SUCH help really! Along with a good diet and mind frame it better than suffering. Which in the end leaves your head in a good place to elevate depression and mood alterations or swings :-)

  • Hi Cegates:

    When I first found out I had I BS , they put me on various Anti-depressants. They try you on loss dose anti-depressants. I have tried several of them ; none of them worked. I hope you have better luck with them then I did. Take care - Boosmom

  • I'm in u.s. and JH ave depression Aldo, tried several kinds,non worked on acct.of crazyvdide effects. IBS is triggered by diet & stress. I found keeping a way from trigger foods and take psillium, we call it Metimucil here at bedtime w water and you s become regular. You just have to learn what foods trigger the IBS, bread,sugar, dairy products and avoid them. Hopthqt helps.

  • Hi, I did suffer with depression a few years ago because of the sudden death of my mum and also a serious medical problem with my daughter and the two things together caused me to become depressed. My doctor also put me on Citalopram - like sharonfreedman and not only did it really help the depression but it also helped the IBS. Don't be ashamed in any way feeling the way you are.

    Best of luck

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