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Hi I am new to this forum, just hoping for a little advice.. Has anyone ever tried aleo Vera juice and peppermint oil capsules for the relief of ibs? And has any one seen an improvement when taking these? Also wondering if you can take them together? I get spasms in my left side under my rib with ibs-D and occasional C, any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Hi Kayleigh I've suffered chronic IBS for years I've tried peppermint capsules they done nothing for me I have been taking the Aloe Vera Juice for a week now but that's having no effect either.But the spasms I have are quite severe .All our bodies work differently so it may work for you,a lot of people on here has found relief from both products,but if I was you I would have like a week with one,then if you get no relief try the other product,because otherwise you won't know which one works if you take them together. I really hope one works for you.Good Luck

  • Thank you for your reply! I've been reading a lot about both products and found most people found the best to be the aloe Vera juice, a lot of them said it took up to three weeks to see results from it, so maybe there's hope for you with that one yet, I don't get the crampy pain mines more of a spasm like your self, I'm hoping something can settle it!

  • Thank you I didn't realise it took up to 3wks to work so yes maybe there is still hope.How many times a day are you taking it and when ?

  • Yeah majority said three weeks to a month so I would definitely continue with it! i haven't got it yet cause I thought I would read some reviews and see what people said about it, but I definitely want to give it a go, I'm going to buy one from holland and Barrett, it's called Aloe Vera colon cleanse juice, on that one it says you can take 25ml once or twice a day mixed with water or juice, hope this helps.

  • Oh I didn't have that one I had Stomack Soother so maybe I'll try another one

  • I just got mine as I was out and about in town, the lady advised me on a 100% aloe Vera juice with no added extras, good luck with yours, hope it starts to work for you.

  • Might give yours a try as I had no advise,apart from my Gastrologist saying it wouldn't work,but they don't know everything.As they say not one shoe fits all.

  • You never said if it was the colon cleanse

  • Exactly it's worth giving it a go isn't it, I didn't get the colon cleanse one as the lady said it has added ingredients, that one tends to make you go the loo more often and is better for people with ibs-C. The advice she gave me was to go for the maximum strength aloe Vera juice it comes in a white bottle and the directions of use advice you to take one table spoon up the three times a day, I got it from Holland and barrette

  • Thank you x

  • You're welcome :) x

  • Hi Kayliegh how you getting on with you AloeVera Jucice. I got some like yours it was half price on special offer,so I thought I'd give it a go.How you doing.

  • I take the aloe Vera from Holland and Barrett can't say it's made my IBS-d any better more soothes my stomach if that makes sense !

    I take 20 ml in the morn then in the afternoon if my stomach is really playing up I take another 20ml.

    It's worth the try but I was expecting a bit more relief !!

    Good luck , oh after taking for two years the taste has still got no better !!

  • Defo the Aloe Vera from Holland and Barrett, does work. Avoid peppermint oil, actually I was told to avoid any " oil" with Ibs, such as evening oil of primrose etc, a gluten free diet has helped me the most along with a suger free diet and very very low dairy. I also take acidophilus biactifus tablets from Holland and Barrett, helps with good bacteria in your gut

  • Have you tried eliminating food groups before taking anything that may mask the symptoms instead of controlling them

  • Not tried but did have aloe vera tablets, didnt notice any improvement, altho I did read some good things bout the juice as well I didnt try that. Tried peppermint oil tabs, didnt really help either, I take spasmonal 60mg from the docs as I too get really strong spasms. I am just undergoing homeopathy at moment and I was due "an average 2 weekly" IBS attack last week, but not had anything yet, I have noticed my stomach is very un-settled since doing the homeopathy, like its trying to bloat up and have an attack but it cant quite do it (last attack was 3 weeks ago after 1 week of the homeopathy), I still have a 2 weeks left of my homeopathy and I am so so hopeful that it can help....fingers crossed and check my page in a few weeks to see if it helps. Good luck x

  • I drink peppermint tea by the gallon. Never noticed any relief with capsules. Aloe vera--I believe the brand was George's it tastes like water and sometimes I wonder if I'm paying $30 for a quart of plain water. However, it's soothing to my stomach, but my problem (IBS-C) is at the other end. I'd like to find an aloe vera suppository.

  • I have tried the Aloe Vera pure juice from forever living and took this for 3 months to give it a good go. I found it calmed my stomach symptoms, wasn't as queasy in a morning, it stopped the gas whilst going to the toilet and radically reduced the diarrhoea. But then it was as if there was a bowel backlog, and once I started going to the toilet I couldn't stop, and it was like water at 100mph (sorry for being so descriptive), I never knew when these bouts were going to occur and the smell was really bad too. So I stopped taking the gel as I felt I had no control over these events. I am now taking Endebac's Probiotic Capsules which put the good bacteria back in the gut. These seems to have stopped the diarrhoea and the gas whilst going to the toilet. I've only been on them for a couple of weeks, so still early days, but looking hopeful.

  • Thank you everyone for your help and advice! I haven't long been diagnosed with ibs but had the necessary tests, I haven't had much information from my gp so I'm trying to find some remidies, I also suffer from anxiety from time to time and my doctor seems to think that plays the biggest role in my ibs! i can go from ibs-d to ibs-c literally in the same day! My ibs isn't chronic I can go a month or so without it but when it does flair up I get a burning sensation and spasms in the left side of my abdomen tucked under my rib, this is what bothers me the most, so I'm hoping aloe Vera might sooth it, I know not everyone is the same, I'm hoping it can work for me!

  • DIdn't work for me but peppermint tea does.

  • For my ibs I use peppermint tea which provides great relief

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