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Looking for Help

Hi all - I'm looking for some help and any suggestions offered would be most appreciated!

A year and a half ago I went on the low FODMAP diet which definitely helped symptoms of bloating, stomach pain and constipation.

After following the plan for the recommended time I tried to reintroduce food but to little success, also complicated by the fact that I had just started university and so everything else had changed in my life.

After a few unsuccessful food trials I have stuck more or less to the low FODMAP diet since, as I didn't want to be dealing with symptoms whilst trying to enjoy university life.

Whilst the low FODMAP diet helped I still experience constipation regularly, in an attempt to try to find the culprit I have ended up cutting out more and more foods in a desperate attempt to relieve symptoms.

I have also tried flaxseeds, digestive enzymes, magnesium tablets, vitamin and mineral tablets (which I then discovered were exacerbating the problem), chewing food numerous times, eating little and often, regular yoga, drinking more, more fibre/less fibre, swimming, peppermint tea and taking regular walks but nothing seems to have helped reduce the constipation.

I would actually say it is possibly worse now than ever.

I have a very healthy diet of meat, fish, nuts, dark chocolate, fruit and vegetables, rice, quinoa, gf pasta and I don't drink alcohol often but I know that something is not right as I shouldn't be having constipation like this when I lead a healthy lifestyle.

Also I feel so much better when I am taking exercise that I keep increasing the regularity of exercise whilst not wanting to eat anymore, as when you are carrying around the previous few days food adding to that definitely doesn't make things feel great! This has resulted in concerns from myself and others around me as I have lost weight so I know that I am lacking sufficient intake of food but don't want to decrease the regularity of exercise as it helps so much and I find it difficult to eat any more as it just makes me feel worse.

So any help or suggestions would be wonderful!

Thank you so much in advance!

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You may well have undiagnosed food intolerances. Have you tried an autoimmune protocol like this one:


Or you could see a dietician and do an elimination diet.

Also, remember to eat plenty of animal fats and olive oil. If you cut out grains you need to make up the calories. Also Vit C should help with constipation.


This is very thorough - thank you for this summary.

Do you have a suggestion for Probiotics?


Thank you for your thorough reply and taking the trouble to include all this helpful detail.



suggest increasing suash/water intake like at least 3 glasses a day on top of decad tea/coffee. i take normacol which solved my constipation problem. i take two large spoonfuls with three glasses of water in the morning and its the best thing iv found for constipation cure.




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