Have no idea what to do anymore

So i've had ibs for about 10 years, my symptoms are extreme cramps and severe bloating which has got to the stage where nothing fits me, i'm not overweight and eat pretty healthy. i've been following the low fodmap diet for few years now and avoid trigger foods which make it worse such as too much fibre, garlic onions bread and dairy. I've been for tests and had a scan recently and all come back negative, it's really getting me down and nothing seems to help, any ideas would be much appreciated.

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  • My ibs is solely blasting and stomach cramps too, although it doesn't sound as bad as yours. I have tried taking peppermint oil tablets and Silicolgel recently which have relieved it somewhat.

  • Hi Jo788

    I know that any issue that reaches the stage that means that you no longer know what to do can make life extremely difficult, there is some advice that I can give you which may help you to reach a solution to your problem, but you need to understand it will not be a magic cure-all. having read your comment I believe that you are stressed out because of your specific situation. i suggest you see your G.P. and get some advice from a counsellor to help alleviate your stress, I know that a lot of people associate counselling with dementia related issues, but stress can be very distressful it does not mean that a person is losing their mind that is a fa misdemeanour never be embarrassed to seek help there are many ways that stress can be relieved, There is nothing to fear from seeking help a G.P has to abide by the data protection act and cannot discuss anything you tell them with anyone unless you grant permission


  • Try this healthunlocked.com/api/redi... also lemon and water first thing.

  • Hi there Jo,

    I had the same. This article may help you move forward: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

    Hope this helps,


  • Thank you everyone for your suggestions, i will certainly check them out. I currently have a great deal of stress at the moment which i know doesn't help, i have had therapy in the past but any food i am currently having will cause a great deal of pain, the doctor won't do anything else to help because he feels they have tried everything.

  • Hi Jo,

    I'm waiting to go for an ultrasound and endoscopy at the moment as I've been getting such bad cramps I've had to give up work and pretty much everything else for the moment. While they haven't solved the problem I am amazed how much peppermint capsules can ease the pain of cramps and would definitely recommend if you haven't tried them. I cant wear anything with a waistband so am living in tunic dresses and loose leggings right now so i can stick my stomach out when I'm bloated! Totally feel your pain as I feel like my life is on hold ATM, just really hoping things will get better soon! X

  • Hi my stomach cramps seemed to get better after

    three weeks on buscopan and Silcolgel so gradually

    reduced dose and stopped Silcolgel but now pain in middle of stomach is back just as bad!! Went to docs who put me back on Buscopan two x four times a day. Got to the point where I don't know what to eat that won't make pain worse?? It really gets you down doesn't it? I will try peppermint capsules, thanks for that,


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