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Colpermin questions


I have recently decided to try Colpermin to see if it helps with my very long-term IBS, but I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, how long before and after taking Colpermin is it okay to eat or drink?

Secondly, how long before and after taking Colpermin is it okay to take other medication, especially Omeprazole and kaolin & calcium carbonate tablets?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Kind regards.

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I have taken Omaprazole for years after endoscopes, the first one showed inflammation of the oesophagi a but following ones results showed improved,net, but I really think you should ask your pharmacist or doctor befor trying something new, I may be wrong but in in the back of my mind I seem to remember that although it's an I've the counter product, I am not sure it is good for oesophagi problems, .ai may be wrong but why not check first😉

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Usually anything for indigestion should not be taken around the same time as colpermine. Aa for food id say half hour before or bout hour after

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Hi I take both' and you must leave two hours inbetween taking them, as they both work as an acid deterrent, if you continuously take them together you could end up with stomache problems. I think you are supposed to take up to 4. But myGP told me to take them after each bout of Diarhea, so I take around 6-8 on bad days m and as and when I need them, they are only peppermint so a few more my doc says should be ok. Did you buy them over the counter or did your GP prescribe them?


Colpermin is used to relax the colon. It shouldn't be taken while/just after eating and nor should it be taken at the same time as other indigestion relief (presumably as these can stop it working). However, not sure whether omeprazole would count as indigestion relief so worth asking your pharmacist if this will cause problems.

Definitely talk to your pharmacist about when to take kaolin, though. This is a medical absorbent and could bind the other drugs you are taking making them less effective. I imagine your pharmacist can advise on when the best time to take that and calcium carbonate would be.


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