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Hi I'm a 40 year old female with 8 kids. I always had ibs and had an endoscopy 4 years ago showing gastritis and duodentitis. But in sept things got bad .hurts in my stomach when I eat. Waves of pain at night. Pain dull in morn. It can hurt to press on Lower right side. Crp and esr bloods elevated. Waiting on an appointment but I'm scared as to what I have .history of fissures and also very gassy and noisy bowels. Anyone please help. I'm on an iron tab as hb was low but it has come up

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I can understand why you are concerned. When symptoms get noticeably and significantly worse and for so long it's easy to start worrying about the cause. But my advice for you, as hard as it is, would be to relax. The CRP and ESR blood tests look for signs of inflammation and as you note, you've already been diagnosed with this in the past. The fact that you've felt this way for so long is probably another sign you shouldn't worry. All the same, it is right to get everything checked over by a professional.

When we worry, we start to feel out of control, and when we feel out of control we start to worry so it becomes a vicious cycle. I think you realise that there's nothing you can do until you see your doctor and that worrying achieves nothing. So one thing you can try to do is try and get some control back. When you feel anxious or worried, tell yourself to relax and that the worries will pass; you're doing everything you should be doing.

Why are you suddenly worried now and did anything happen (health or otherwise) back in September prior to your symptoms getting worse?

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Just that the pain is different and I never had inflammation before. I suppose I jump to the worst case scenario but shouldn't. I just don't know if it follows pattern of ibd.it looks like it hopefully rather than the worst case scenario. Thank you for your kind words and you're right of course


Sorry I meant as in gastritis didn't cause any symptoms or raise inflammation markers. My pain is more central and lower..especially when palpating right hand side .Thank you for your time


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