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Please I need help bloating is destroying my son<s life he<s 17 and no school no friends nothing :( so sad so depressed so alone...

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Hey Rhatoum, So sorry to hear your boy is having such a hard time.

I really managed to get a handle on bloating by following a low FODMAP diet... FODMAPs are types of carbohydrates and sugars which aren't easily digested by the body so ferment in the stomach and gut and cause excess gasses and bloating.

The diet was created by the Monash University in Australia, but is now being adapted for the UK. Links as follows:

The whole process can be a bit long and tedious, but i have found that by cutting our various food types from my diet my bloating and my life is much improved... the 'big hitters' that I totally avoid are: anything with wheat, onions and garlic, pulses and beans (baked beans are awful for bloating and gas), high lactose dairy, fried foods, apples, alcohol. Pay attention to the ingredients list on the packets of prepared foods too... sometimes things are hidden away in the small print!

Different things work for different people, but a little bit of trial and error and you might hit on the thing that makes a whole world of difference to your boy.

I do wish you the VERY best, and hope you find something to help quickly.

K xxx

rhatoum in reply to KirstieG

Thank you so much for your answer, we tried the fodmap,I bought 3 books and he did it for like 10 days and try to do it but you know 17 years he likes to go out sometimes and friends will judge... Any way thanks so much for your adorable concern.

Have you tried pepermint capsules, I suffered for three years, had all the tests, tried different diets etc, then found by chance that eating pepermint cakes reduced the bloating, going back to the doctors to talk about some blood tests I mentioned eating pepermint cakes seemed to help and she for some people this can work and prescribed pepermint capsules... great. 3 years later, I still get "attacks" after eating certain foods (garlic for one). If i'm "going out" for a meal, I'll take one before I go and things are not cured but much better controlled.

this summer I forgot the capsules, ate something that triggered it..... then had an idea I used when the kids were young water, and that also worked !, it contains dill oil, if you look both of them up, you'll find they are recomended for bloating and IBS !!!

I have no idea about long term use, I'll take one or two capsules a week now (my prescription was for two before meals upto 6 per day).

hope this helps


rhatoum in reply to tomhowdy

thank you so muche for your help :)

There is an extremely helpful book called Diet Wise that is helpful for may people. It is written by a British MD who spent his life helping people with food intolerance and the fall out of it.



rhatoum in reply to notibs

thank you

Hello just wondering if the stomach issues came first or the depression,thinking could the bloating be due to stress and anxiety,if this the case this may be the issue which needs addressing

rhatoum in reply to sofirose

we did this and still the same :(

I get bloating when ever I eat any grains. I have had to drastically change my diet to find relief. I know your boy is 17, I wonder if he could get to talk to a dietician? We are all so different and what works for one, may not work for another. A dietician can do allergy and intolerance testing.

Peppermint tea and artichoke supplements help with my bloating (the difference in taking the supplements started after 10 days). This along with a balanced diet and no spicy or greasy food or onions helps me.

I too have a problem with bloating and all I seem able to do is just except it u til such time that I know what can be done to ease it, but it is not easy to come to terms with

rhatoum in reply to chadd

Thank you I know ... :(

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