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Help !!!!

Ibs at its worse!!

Hi I'm new on this site, suppose I have suffered with ibs for most of my life although this have worsened with age . I now suffer with anxiety alongside panic attacks which can make my life very debilitating at times . I have regular migraines , fatigue , painful stomach cramps with constant gurgling noises as if I'm hungry .

Would love to hear some advice or anyone with similar symptoms

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Hi,I put a post on here yesterday ,if you can find me. I replyed to a fellow suffere rand it was such a long post I don't really want to write it again. But try and pick it up. I was just wondering if you've ever had a thyroid test because some of them symptoms point to that,just a thought. I can sympethize with you, but I can't be much help. I'm always reading books,or looking things up on the Web,but can't sort myself out let alone anyone else. If I ever find any help believe me I'll put it on here in capital letter. Oh by the way I think the anxiety comes with it out of frustration but it doesn't help try to relax ( I know not easy ) Take care.


Thank you for replying Gemini71 . I do have an Underactive Thyroid I have taken Thyroxine Tablets for 20 years ... How bizarre I never knew symptoms of that were connected to ibs .

I like you am constantly searching the web I'm having a bad flare up this week .. I'm sure you know how this feels i hope you find your own personal relief x


Hi Amyxxx

I am like you ,I have taken Thyroxine tablets for over 20yrs aswell, I was told all those years ago when I was diagnosed to pop the pills that within a few days ( I would feel like a new woman ) and to just get on with my life. I get muscle aches, headaches, tiredness . I could go on all

Night. A few years ago I was diagnosed with some other auto immune disorders .i never knew this site was hear until a while ago , and have never got copies of my bloods , and if I am honest I don't understand a lot of the blood results or the full extent of the Thyroid symtoms . Sorry I couldn't be of any help , take care .


Hi Gemini71

You made me laugh when you said about finding a cure and writing it on here in capital letters :)) that's exactly how I feel!!

One day I hope we log in to loads of messages in capital letters lol

What an amazing day that would be :)

Take care



Hi chocolate cake ,couldn't you have picked a shorter name,that takes ages to type if your as slow as me.lol. And yes wouldn't that be good all type in capitals one day. Can't come soon enough .


Thank you for replying !!!

Think I sent your reply to myself oops !!! You can tell I'm new ...


Hi Amy,I just replyed to you then lost it. Just a little story,I was talking to someone on this site,when a really kind lady picked me up and asked me what my thyroid blood tests were,I told her I had no idea and she told me to get a copy and put them on the thyroid site for someone to read them. ( because I haven't got a clue about the thyroid it's so complicating) anyway I did that and they told me I wasn't Haveing the full test, and apparently the thyroid can upset your Tum. Well,she told me in theUK they only test the TSH and if that comes back normal they do no more,but it can come back normal when it's not. Anyway she gave me advise on what to ask for, and it turns out my body is lacking so much. and it can be the cause of your bad Tum. Because you mention fatigue I would get your thyroid tested properly. I got my Underactive Thyroid from being put on a tablet after a heart attack,but now I wonder if I had it before that. Hope that makes sense to you. Take Care


Thanks for that information .... It does make you wonder I don't know what my bloods are i live in UK so only get TSH tested .

I take 100mg sometimes go up to 150mg but never drop .

Thanks for your messages hope your feeling well soon


Hi Amy, Like you I have had issues with IBS most of my life. The only thing I have had

any real success is the FODMAP diet. I was having a really bad week this summer, and looked on the internet for some information - like a new pill or something, and I came upon the FODMAP info. I have been feeling much better since the summer when I started it.

Not perfect, 45 years with IBS doesn't go away as easily as other things, but please check into this diet and let me know what you think. God Bless


I agree with Dixie3. I've had IBS for 27 years and Fodmaps has changed my life. I also go lactose and gluten free which you could make a start with and also cut out anything with onions which seems to be a prime suspect for many on this site. Good luck. You can get a FOdmaps app which helped me tremendously and is always being updated with the ongoing research data on food testing.


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