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I would love to have a clear and expert explanation between the symptoms of gallstones and ibs

if you are not sure please try not to reply thank you .

The reason I am asking is because I have gallstones , but the way I explain my discomfort to my GP he told me to be careful that many people have gallstones but they are not harmful. But I absolutely have digestive pain . Severe pain after meals , constipation ,I feel trapped and very tense most of the time . This cause congested chest . It is a nightmare !

Should I go on with a surgery to remove my gallstones ? I have been told that someone can live normal life without a gallbladder . I feel even though it is a big gamble ,I have nothing to lose .

But what if I have the surgery of the gallstones and afterwards I find out it was not them causing me the discomfort and they return ??? Please help ....Let me point out that I don't have any other health issue

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Hi,About 10yrs ago I had discomfort in my Tum,I like to make the point that this was discomfort not pain. I had a scan and was told by the person who done the scan,I had a lot of gallstones but not to worry because many people live with gallstones without any problem. When I got to see my Gastrologist he told me my discomfort was my gallstones,so I had them removed. Now I don't want to worry you but since then my discomfort has turned to daily PAIN. I'm no doctor so I don't know if there's any connection,but if I could go back I would never have my gallbladder out unless absolutely nessesary . I've had chronic IBS ever since, I've been all over the country seeing specialists,tests,diets,and no end of medication. I now take Ormororph as I need it for the pain. My quality of life has took a dive. I suffer quite a few serious health problems,but it's IBS that gives me the most stress.

I don't want to worry you but unless it's absolutely nessesary keep your gallbladder.

Take care and really read up on all your options.


Hi Noel, My gallbladder started to increasingly give me sharp pains... I tried all 'alternative' methods trying to remove the gallstones (which a sonogram proved I had)... but nothing helped. One day, during work, I called my son in law for a ride and told him to take me straight to Denver General... Walked up to the receptionist and said "If one of your drs has a little time, I would like my gall bladder taken out NOW."... (honest..I did this) ... Well, after having to repeat this to her... she took me to emergency, I was admitted that night, and had my gall bladder out the next morning (Laparoscopy style) Stayed that night, went home this next morning and was FINE!! No more pain... I have never, ever regretted making that decision!! I was fortunate to find a dr receptive to my unusual demands! :)

Some people's gb pain comes and goes...sometimes for months... but mine was WAY to persistant and painful to even begin to put up with it.

Good luck!

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I have had gall stones and the pain is excruciating. As my username suggests I do not suffer from IBS.

I was driving on the motorway once when I had an attack. It was so severe I had to pull over on the hardshoulder. I ended up being ambulanced to a and e.

Since having my gall bladder removed I live a normal life with no problems. I can eat what I want.

The pain from gall stones is caused by a small stone being trapped in the bile duct. There is nothing to do but wait for it to pass. Large gall stones do not cause problems as they are too large to enter in the first place. I did not have constant pain but would have attacks.

I had mine removed with keyhole surgery and was home the same day.

My son says his pain is constantly there. Hence the label of IBS.

Hope this helps you decide if you have gall stones, and if they are causing you problems.

Hope you soon sort it out.

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HI motherofsufferer

Thanks for your response , I have already done an ultrasound and they found gallstones . I have them . But the way I explain the pain or how I get the attack to my GP , he says to me that gallstones pain don't attack the way I explain to him.

He says that with gallstones you get the attack on the right side under the rib cage and you get shirp pain up to the right shoulder whereby I have constant on going severe pain on my abdomen and my symptoms keeps changing sometimes I shiver with cold the hair on my skin stands or sometimes I have fever , I feel burning heat inside my tammy, Bloatedness and constipation etc

So I still don't understand . Is it the gallstones that cause all this ,should I remove my gallbladder ?? I don't know !!!


I had gallstones - 2 of about 2cm in diameter. The pain was there pretty much all the time - felt like a burning pain on my right hand side just below the ribs. It wasn't affected by what I ate, though everyone is different. Putting a heat patch on it eased it a little. I also have IBS and gastritis. IBS pain for me is more of a cramping sensation in the abdomen and the gastritis is like severe indigestion across my middle. That's probably the worst pain for me. You can function just fine without a gallbladder and it'll be one less thing to cause you pain. Some people have gravelly gallstones which tend to move about and may block the bile duct which can be very painful apparently.

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