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Have any of you had these symptoms?

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I was wondering if any of you have had symptoms of like being sick with the flu with your ibs? Not the having a bad cold type thing they label the flu (not sure why!) but when your bowels, stomach make you sick and you have a bad headache.

I have been sick in bed most of the day...very weak and feel horrible.... For the last couple of weeks I have had a mildly discomforting feeling in the bottom of my abdomen...or what I call under the 'hangy down' part of your tummy. It usually goes away when I get up.I know some of you have written about the terrible pains you get, and I guess I shouldn't even complain about mild pain...but its persisting, and it does worry me.

My daughter thinks its because I'm back to eating wheat again...

This is the worst bout of this 'flu like thing' I have ever had... My anxiety has been acting up the last few days... I am just wondering if any of you with ibs have gone through this kind of thing...felt like the flu that kept you in bed. Thanks for taking the time to answer me. I really would appreciate it.

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Sounds like this happens to you regularly? Something specific might be triggering it. Likely that anxiety makes it worse too. Try relaxation and eat foods that usually make you feel better. But easier said than done!

Hi betya

When I was taking lansoprazole, after about 4 weeks of taking it I would get viral symptoms - aches pains and a really bad pressure on my head. I stopped and started them a few times with the same results. Are you taking any medication at the moment which could possibly cause your symptoms?

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Hi Betty,

Have you ever had a defecating proctogram to see if you have an intussusception (telescoping of the bowel) as this causes abdominal pain? I have a mild case of it myself, it doesn't cause me any pain, but perhaps I've got that to look forward to if it gets worse!

Hope you feel better today.


I have the same thing. My main symptom is pain in the lower abdomen, below the navel, around the crease between belly and pubis. I periodically get run down with flu symptoms as well.

Hi Betty A Anxiety will definitely play a big part in your IBS, if you found your symptoms returned when you started eatin wheat again, if so don't eat it as this might be your trigger. Hope you feel better soon.:)

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BettyA in reply to Blue52

Yup, I'm definitely off wheat... its just not worth it.

Hi BettyA,

In the same boat myself at the moment, have been like you describe, including the lower tummy pain, since Christmas eve, and was at hospital on Boxing day and now am currently on my third ( all different) course of antibiotics. Like you, my anxiety has gone in to overdrive and whilst I am pretty sure it is my IBS (had it for many years), I am still beginning to wonder. All I can say is you are not alone. I just wish the those in the 'health' industry would take this more seriously, it causes so much distress.

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Hi Tansy-Ann did they give you antibiotics for IBS?

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Hi tansy-ann,

Have you ever had a proctogram done? I've got a real bee in my bonnet about this at the moment as, having had one recently, I found out I have a mild rectocele which is the cause of the feeling I get of incomplete bowel-emptying. This had previously been attributed to 'IBS'!

A proctogram will also find any intussusception (bowel telescoping) which can cause abdominal pain.

I think the procedure should be as routine for symptoms which get an IBS label as colonoscopy is.


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Hi Rosie 218, thank you for that information, I also get the incomplete bowel emptying too. So I will tackle my GP about this on next visit. Still on my third course of antibiotics and it's hospital tests again if no improvement. That was very helpful, so than you again.

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BettyA in reply to tansy-ann8

Tansy, Does your doctor give you a REASON or an explanation for why you have been given this many rounds of anti-biotics? I know they are ok when you REALLY need them... but that's about it... If he tried to do this again, I would demand an explanation as to what he expects all those anti biotics to accomplish! OK?? OK!! :) Don't expect any vague double talk from him/her, either. OK...now I'll step down and quit ranting! :) Best wish, you take good care.

PS: Don't forget their is a good possibility that this is just a natural part of ibs....I am sure mine is...

Thank you Betty A,

Actually I am a little concerned about this last lot of antibiotics. They are 'in case of bowel infection' they said, but I am now in considerable pain and think it might be these. I have another GP (one of my choice this time) calling me tomorrow and will ask her. Thank you for your input, I keep telling myself , as you do, that this is just a bad flare up. Fingers crossed eh?


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BettyA in reply to tansy-ann8

I'll cross my fingers for you, too! Are you taking probiotics? Antibiotics have a tendency to wipe out ALL good pro-positive-good bacteria in your intestines... It's not unusual for a person to react against certain antibiotics. Glad you will be visiting with a new doctor! Good! Take care!

Oh yes BettyA, I take probiotics every day along with vitamins and minerals. I eat a healthy diet (normally), and gave up trying all the 'faddy' diets (that everyone tries to get you to try) years ago. I eat small amounts as recommended by a Gastroenterologist, am not overweight and until this flare up had regular exercise. ( not excessive). GP is doing bloods tomorrow and then perhaps a CT scan. I will let you know if you wish.

So how are you doing now, are your symptoms any better than they were? Has the nausea subsided? I am taking Stemitil for that and it does help a little, well it makes it easier to force food down anyway. I would be interested to know how you are doing and how long your flare up lasts. It is helpful, I think to exchange notes with people who have the same symptoms.

Take care.

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