Horrible pain

I'm 19 and suffered from diagnosed ibs for about 2 years now. Had it for years prior to my diagnosis, as most of you will understand its hard to go to a doctor about an "upset stomach". I am feeling worse and worse these past few weeks. Suffering from anxiety and depression, I returned to work today after 2 weeks off sick and now I am in unbearable pain. Ive taken then ibuprofen and paracetamol and now am curled in a ball with a hot water bottle. (A position I'm sure many of you know well). I haven't dared eat today, what is the best thing to eat when you feel like this? Does anyone else suffer from nausea with ibs? I always worry it might be something more sinister.

Glad I found this online community, thanks in advance for your response.

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  • I understand where you are coming from with not wanting to eat when you have an upset stomach as sometimes im not too sure if its a bug or not until maybe am hour later when i feel i dont need again

  • You may need to go to your doctor about the unbearable pain because it could be something other than IBS. Do not worry though. Just go and tell them your symptoms and how long you have had them. :)

  • You DO need to bite-the-bullet and see your GP ! we have ALL had to do it and even from a VERY young age. Please be BRAVE and see your GP. See GP till you are SATISFIED do not be fobed off. BE STRONG-GO FOR IT !

    MOTTO-HAVE AT IT AND HAVE IT = its in the bag! dont stop untill its been sorted.

    there is a strong link with rhumatism.

    Blessings and Love to you

    S x

  • Yes, nausea is common with IBS and I am a fellow sufferer. I was given anti-sickness medication to cope with it at it's worst point but it knocked me sideways so I gave it up. To be honest, when it is THAT bad I tend not to eat until it passes anyway but even then stick to "safe" foods for me (dry toast, rice, chicken breast etc.) Have you tried peppermint oil? As for not going to the doctor's, you have to go to discover what's the best course of action for you. Until you have exhausted all avenues (be it anti-spasmodics, diet, peppermint oil, cognitive therapy etc etc) keep asking for help. They can refer you if they feel a GP appointment is no longer helpful. What you have to remember (and what those around you need to understand) is that it isn't a stomach upset is it. It is IBS. A stomach upset will sort itself in a few days and all will be back to normal. IBS is a condition that needs managing and regular review. Phone the doctor, make that appointment and ask what else there is you can try. Good luck.

  • What meds did they give you? i take it you had bad side affects and thats why you stopped taking it?

  • Cyclizine. It basically zombified me, couldn't keep my eyes open! I have a business to run so it just wasn't an option for me.

  • Did it stop you feeling sick at least? i have been given Metoclopramide and have to take 1 three times a day for three days then 1 a day for three days then when i need it. started taking it monday evening, but burped a few times today and have felt very sick. is this what you get?

  • It stopped me feeling anything tbh! It just didn't work for me, it is presumably fine for others or it would not be prescribed. My nausea is basically that feeling you get just prior to being sick but without being sick. It tends to pass after a while (sometimes an hour, sometimes a few hours and sometimes whole days.) Like with many of the symptoms of IBS and I just keep reminding myself it will pass eventually and try to get on with my day as much as possible. But as you will know sometimes you just have to write the day off and make yourself as comfortable as you can.

  • I agree with the writing the day off. so hard when you work full time and end up on sickness reviews. i have a few other medical conditions that also write my day off but invisible illnesses are hard for them to understand i think

  • I have been to the GP was diagnosed and given memevrobene (think thats how its spelt). this helps if i catch it before but mid flare up does nothing. i think i really need to work on my diet tbh

  • I was originally prescribed Mebeverine but it didn't help as a single treatment. The doctor then added peppermint oil and it did help almost immediately (especially with stomach cramps that were so severe that I was sleeping for about an hour a night.) I still take Mebeverine and peppermint oil (three times a day for each) and have done so for about three years now. I sympathise fully with the work situation, I don't have a boss to answer to as such and can work from home when necessary. As for food and intolerances, I have recently started a low fodmap diet but suspect it isn't the answer for me but you have to try and keep trying.

  • I also suffer from ibs since young. I am now 64 and it has gone worse. I am now under a Professor at Manchester University, and waiting to see a hypnotherapist. See if your doctor is sympathetic, if not ask for a second opinion. I have had numerous cameras showing nothing.

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