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Cefalexin anyone??

Has anyone ever been prescribed Cefalexin antibiotics.? my g.p has prescribed them as my ibs has caused a partial vaginal prolaps which has caused a huge caruncle on the outside urethra which bleeds a lot whenever i strain and have a bm.

I am too scared to take it as i have read of its awful effects on ibs patients, g.ps response was unsympathetic, basically just take the damned pillls.

So angry and upset today. I am in agony with this female problem, cannot sit properly, have not slept since saturday because of pain now this muppet of a g.p wants me take pills which if previous antibiotics are anything to go by could put me in hospital on morphine.

The final straw this morning was she is refusing to refer me for colonoscopy or gastro. Says it is uneccesary and if needed hospital would have done it in casualty. Does this idiot know you need to be prepped?

She says one rectal blled is nothing to worry about. Easy for her to say. Looked at the antibiotics she gave me and the painkillers from the hospitaland trying to think up one good reason not to take the whole lot. Tired of being ill and in so much pain and being dismissed.

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This is horrible. You must get another doctor pronto. If you go to emergency room, chances are you'd get something if you are bleeding. I'm guessing you are in UK. Still I know my daughter's painful diverticulitls was misdiagnosed for 4 years, and I've had a painful crippling condition for 8 years that has me running from one specialist to another, one alternative practitioner to another. I get a month relief then back to torture. :(


change your GP


Thank you both for replying, am definitely changing my g.p they will never refer to hospitals as it affects their budget.

Went back to emergency hospital today and just cried and begged them to help me. They were astonished at my doctors attitude and gave me a good going over and sent me straight back to g.p with a letter.

Whatever was in it i am now getting referred to a gynae specilist and will be getting a sigmoidoscopy as well so i am so relieved at that. I have never been as depressed as i was last night, my docotrs attiutude just nearly sent me over the edge.

Was told that caruncles can be quite common in ibs patients but only women get them.

Especially if they are post menopause.

PatV that is awful what you have been through for so long.

I just wish that all doctors could be given a nasty painful illness as part of their medical training and have to endure it for a month. Maybe then they would treat their patients better.


I am so sorry to hear what you have been through with this unsympathetic gp, i can empathise with you as a fellow ibs sufferer, sometimes the pain is so bad i feel like i am going to pass out with it. You need anti-depressants too by the sound of things, i know that pain is totally debilitating and can drag you down but please do not let yourself get that low again, and either pour your feelings out on here and someone will reply to you or ask if you can be referred to a chronic pain team. Good Luck and take care x


Thank you so much Anjie24. Hospital contacted a crisis care team for me and i feeling a lot better now. Having no one to talk to makes things so much harder and i am so glad i found this great site.

I think with ibs g.ps tend to be pretty dismissive of it and treat it like a minor thing. As you know all too well it is agonisingly painful. Hope one day they can find a cure so no one suffers from it again.


Hi Bunnyrabbit1, glad to be able to help and so glad to hear that the hospital is doing what your gp should have done! Have you heard about the FODMAP diet? I am just about to embark on this diet, going to start by myself but also ask my doc to refer me to a dietician who has experience with this diet. I have been doing a lot of research lately as the pain has been so unbearable and i am sick of living my life in pain, and i have read a lot of good reports about this diet, one can only try it, it may not work for me as we are all individual but hey like i said worth a go. If you want to have a look yourself google Monash University Australia, it was devised there and it tells you all about it and you can down load a sample diet food list which is like the traffic light system. As in safe foods, be careful foods, and foods to avoid. I will post on here how i am getting on with it. As i said before, if you ever wanna talk to someone, you can talk to me or anyone on here. Take care love x


Hi Anjie24, sorry you too are having such a bad time of it as well. I heard on here about the Fodmap and started to try it almost 2 weeks ago as i too was sick of the constant pain and spending my entire life in the toilet.

No chance of a dietician from my doctor so have to do it by myself. My surgeries advice for ibs stretches to get a hobby to take your mind off it.

Bit difficult to do when you are lying on a bathroom floor drenched in ice cold sweat and shaking with pain. Hobbies are the last thing on your mind.

I started to notice a difference within 24 hours. The first few days were the hardest trying to work out what i could and could not eat.

Discovered Lactofree milk, waitrose sell lactofree cream and lactofree soft cheese like philadelphia and Sainsburys do a great freefrom loaf. You can get in brown seeded or plain white at £1.99 for a small loaf so a bit pricey.

Have finally discovered onion free stock cubes and gravy and doves flour ranges for baking your own cakes.

You can also get the IBS-Free at Last! Second Edition. Change Your Carbs, Change Your Life with the FODMAP Elimination Diet

Patsy Catsos MS RD LD (Author)

You can get it on kindle or book, i got both and use it with Monash .

Thank you so much for saying i can talk to you, means a lot when you are alone. Also if you want to talk about Fodmap or help with it you can contact me and we can exchange thoughts and ideas on it.

To me it doesnt even feel like an elimination diet, it just feels like a normal diet. I discovered i cannot eat onions in any form so will be glad when my oniion free gravy turns up.

Main thing i learned was that all the foods that i thought were healthy and doing me good were the ones doing the most harm.

Keep in touch, it is nice to have a friend to talk to.xx


Hi Bunnyrabbit1, thanks for your reply. I didnt realise you were doing this diet too so yes it would be great to exchange notes etc. I am looking to get some recipes as i research this. I cant believe what you can have to eat but i also cannot believe what you can`t. I too love onions, and i suppose it makes sense that you cannot eat cabbage, broccoli, sprouts etc. I also need to keep an eye on what i eat as i am pre-diabetic and recently had a retinopathy test that showed i had some changes and it would be awful if i had to give up driving as that would just ruin my life.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself. As you know my name is Anjie and i am 52 years old. Married to Richard for 32 years and we have 2 sons Ross and Ryan. Ross, the eldest is 30 in January and Ryan is 28 next week.

They both work have good jobs and are settled with their partners. Ross got married to his girlfriend of 6 years, four years ago and 16 months ago they presented me with my first grandchild, my beautiful grandaughter Isabelle.

Ryan lives with his partner about 30 miles away, no children as yet, they want to do travelling etc and are just getting into property development.

I live in North Wales, near Wrexham you may have heard of it and am about 22 miles away from Shrewsbury, and 30 miles from Chester and 8 from Llangollen. We have lived in North Wales for 20 years now.

I don`t work anymore, i was training to be a nurse back in 1998 when i had a heart attack, which left me with unstable angina so nursing was a definate no no due to the stress.

Almost 5 years ago i nearly died when i got Leukaemia, accompanied with pneumonia, septcaemia, MRSA and C. Diff i was a very poorly girl and my family were wonderful helping me pull through and it was very hard for them to see me so ill. As i said i am also pre-diabetic, have IBS and Diverticulitis, and a hiatus hernia. Put it this way if the doc says something is rare or unlikely for me to get i get it.

What else, oh yes i am doing a Open University degree in Humanities and i am doing okay and really enjoying it. My new module starts in October, its about different religions so we are studying, christianity, sikhism, buddhism, judaism and hinduism. Not that i am religious i just thought that it sounded interesting and i like to learn about different topics.

Well, thats enough about me for now hope i haven`t bored you too much lol, it would be lovely to hear all about you now if you would like to spill.

Take care



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