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Hi everyone! I am so desperate right now! I really just do not know where to put myself! I can't eat or sleep or drink or just sit I'm in pain constantly! I was diagnosed with ibs last September and also a hiatus hernia! I also suffer from severe anxiety and depression! Although have managed to get on top of the depression! I have lost five stone since last September! Scared to eat or drink or be intimate with my partner! My symptoms are many and I'm fed up of sounding like a hypochondriac! Please tell me does terrible back pain, especially in what feels like my kidney? I am having awful night sweats too! I am fifty years of age, but am on hrt so not sure if this is a symptom of the ibs or menopause! I'm really trying to cope here but feel so defeated all the time! There is always pain! The Dr's don't seem to care and I'm at my wits end! I take mebrevine but it does not do a lot!! Please some advice!!

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Hi Flopsey,

I really do sympathise with you doing the menopause and IBS as well - a double whammy and no doubt about it! It's most likely the night sweats are due to the meno - I speak as one who had bitter experience of these and I had to have a bash at 3 different types of HRT before I found the one that stopped them in their tracks, so ask your GP for a different prescription.

There are quite a few people on here who have back pain along with the abdominal stuff so that's not unusual. I think we all feel like hypochondriacs, so you're not alone in that.

I presume you've had all the tests to rule out other possible causes of your IBS symptoms, e.g. camera up and camera down, coeliac and crohn's disease etc? Are you diarrhoea- or constipation-predominant or is it a mix of both? Have you tried any food elimination regimes such as low-FODMAPs to try and identify food triggers?



Lying in bed with waves of pain,IBS used to be called spastic colon and it feels like it now.Can offer nothing but empathy and sympathy.Sometmes know what sets it off but this time just worry in general .eg partner poorly,ear scan this week,slow puncture in car.I eat bits of banana ,plain porridge and take paracetamol in extremis hot water bottle and opt out in chair by fire with book.

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Hi Im so sorry and from experience know exactly how you feel and if

anything else goes wrong in your life you feel you just cannot cope. I

did everything you are doing, hot water bottle, peppermint tea etc,etc.

Diet is a huge part and I did pick up lots of dos and donts from the

Fodmap book, plus plenty of drinks. Good advice I got on this site was

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, please look it up, it has lits of health

benefits. It wont work for everyone, but if you are desperate it could be

worth a try.

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hi flopsey you poor thing i am very much like you in my fiftys i get terrible sweats both day and nite and doc says it the menopause but got me thinking now i am on loperimid codene and buscopan that work for me i get awfull back pain thats there most of the time but after having mri scan thay say its artheritis in my pelvis u get to a point were u get so fed up with going for tests at hospital and never seem to get any further forward i been told now i have to live with mine nothing more thay can do hospital or doc think thay dont realy understand ibs thats the truth chin up we just keep going u have to.



Sorry your suffering. there are diets to cope with hiatus hernia.have you tried fodmap.

codeine for extreme pain helps .walking can help if mild ibs as it gets the gut into regular motion. have you tried pilates? helps some ibs sufferers.

some yoga exercises help to especialyy breathing/relaxation.

hope this helps


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Hi Flopsey. I feel so sorry for you, you are having such a bad time. I had a problem for 2 months starting at the beginning of September. I saw my doc at the end of august and because my blood pressure was a little higher than it should have been she put me on a new medication. 2 days later I became really ill with chronic diarrhea, terrible lower abdominal pain and fatigue like I have never known before. I suffered over the weekend then went to see my doc on the Monday. I struggled to walk and thought they may send me to hospital. My doc sent me for blood tests for everything you could think of but stressed she thought it was IBS. I've had IBS for many years but never experienced anything like this. I got my results through and all clear. I saw my usual doc this time who I have more faith in. He thought it was IBS and gave me Mebeverine (which I have had before). It didn't work. So he agreed with me that it was probably Diverticulitis which is what I thought in the first place. He put me on Metronidazole, a very strong antibiotic.....it didn't work. So then I started thinking and putting 2 and 2 together. This started 2 days after starting this new blood pressure tablets. I checked the leaflet inside the pack and low and behold rare side effects, less than 1 in 1000 are diarrhea, severe abdominal pain and fatigue. So I got an emergency appt with a different doc, told him what I thought and advised me to stop the tablets and make an appt for 3 weeks, which is this Friday. 2 days after I stopped taking the tablets my diarrhea completely stopped and the abdominal pain eased a lot and I start gradually to get my strength back. I am still not 100% I just get abdominal pain when my bowel is full. So to sum up, I lost 2 weeks off work initially, for an incorrect diagnosis, and about 10 odd days since when I was so tired that I couldn't get out of bed. All in all I had diarrhea approx. 3-5 times a day and was very poorly for 2 months all because when they don't know what it is they just say IBS.......RUBBISH!!!!!! So my advice to you is go back to your doc or a different doc and check any pills you are on for side affects, it certainly doesn't sound like IBS to me. IBS is a condition usually caused by something. Find out what then get treated. It's just so annoying when you have to tell them what you think it is when it's their job.

Good luck.x

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Thankyou so much for your support it's so nice to know there are people who care!


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