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I've been suffering (mostly in silence) for over 15 years with upset stomachs and get very nervous when i dont have access to the loo. I can get by most of the time but the one thing i have never been able to sort out is a bloated stomach which normally occurs after an episode of IBS. When at home its not an issue and quickly passes but when i'm at meetings or travelling in the car with someone, i really struggle. Has anyone any tips?


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Look at the post immediately below yours and you will see loads of advice from people on bloating issues


Thanks sashapet, i have looked through but my point is more about how you deal with a stomach full of wind when not in a position to get rid of it. I'm sure i get bloated from stress. I have tried everything on the market but never found anything that gets rid on a bloated stomach.


I think you probably need to think about what you are eating so you don't get it in the first place!!!!



i find windeze help but i think you need to look at foods consumed before ibs attack.Often spicy foods, high fibre, prawns cauli.brussels the cause.




I also find windeze help and I also know that certain foods definitely add to it, I did the low fodmap diet and pin pointed my main food triggers these include apples. Chewy sweets, broccoli, onion, garlic squash and carbonated drinks, breakfast cereal except rice crispies, peas, sweet corn and a few more - I can have most of them in moderation but if I definitely don't want a problem I avoid these and also stick to gluten and lactose free - boring but worth it when necessary X


Thanks, appreciate that. I have very similar foods that set mine off but it seems to be when combined with stress, is that the same with you? I could be absolutely fine then 30 min before a meeting starts my stomach starts.


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