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Hi I suffer with ulcerative colitis but for the past month I have been suffering with stomach cramps going to the loo a lot more I feel as if my bowels are never empty I also have terrible wind and when I pass wind I have a brown liquid I also have piles which r bleeding I knw the symptoms are not colitis I've been to the doc waiting for blood tests but am starting to worry about it now when I go to the loo I feel like I have to push but stools r soft dose anyone else suffer with these symtoms thank u

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Have you done an exclusion diet to find out which foods are affecting you. Most people with IBS suffer from all or some of the symptoms you describe. You have to work out what is causing it. Have a look at my other posts regRding FODMAPS and see if it rings any bells or go on the Monash University website for more detail. They have an app which will help you.


Hi. In short, yes, sadly there are millions of us suffering similar symptoms.

It sounds like it might be IBS which is when you get a set of symptoms but without an established illness. Your symptoms sound consistent with IBS. The trouble is that it is a slow process getting a diagnosis because they have to rule out other things too by blood tests, colonoscopy, stool samples, etc.

Having said that, a very frequent initial cause of IBS can be stress through illness, work or relationships and this can cause the body to misfire permanently. This means your body can stop processing certain foods properly which89*////////////// is what causes irregular bowel movements (diarrhoea and/or constipation), bloating, cramps, etc.

A frequent way to manage IBS is:

1. Stay away from fatty foods, burgers, pies, etc. This will help firm things up.

2. Investigate the low FODMAP diet. The NHS can help you with this but there is lots on the web including NHS pages but the really good sites are Monash Uni in Australia and Sue Shepherd. The low Fodmap can seem pretty complicated to start with but it is effective in 70% of cases.

3. Many people use pills to help things along. I use supermarket own brand loperamide, but there are others.

4. As with most things, keeping fit helps.

Good luck. If it is IBS it is a very unpleasant thing but things will get better


I would ask for more tests IBS is used as a diagnosis when Dr's don't know what something is.


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