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IBS BLOAT... plsss help

Hi... I am battling to get rid of ibs bloat. been recently diagnosed. Day starts off a little bloated and by

the end of the day i look pregnant. PLLLSSS can anyone help. I am a fitness bikini competitor and have a shoot coming up.

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I have tried to reply twice but keep screwing up and don't know if it got sent. Google ICV Disfunction and seek a physical therapist that understands the iliocecal valve disfunction.


Have you considered eliminating food groups from your diet, like dairy, one at a time

I find that cabbage and it's relations do not do me any favours


Hi Gen777 you need to find out what you are eating To causing you to bloat, keep a diary, also if you skip meals, it can cause the bloat as well. If you have a shoot coming up soon, leave dairy and bread and not so many carbs, any green veg will also bloat you, so if you can miss a few , but don't rule them out completely unless you find they are the ones that are causing problems.

Good luck


Check also with your gynecologist . You want to make sure you're bloating it's not a gynecological problem and not something sinister going on. There are many reasons for bloating . ( Not to worry ) just dot every eye and cross every tee. Than you can get a better idea how to treat you're bloating. It could be as simple as diet. I am giving you the same advise I would give my daughter. I am assuming that you are young being that you are a bikini competitor. So just check it out with your gynecologist.

I wish you luck with the shoot.


One if my biggest problems is bloating, im the same as you, not too bloated in the morning& i get more bloated as the day goes on. Changing diet is worth a try, but didnt help me, ive been taking colpermin tablets, which are slow release peppermint, they have worked wonders& ive hardly been bloated in weeks, ive tried many tablets and these are the only ones that have helped. Good luck hope you find something that helps.x


Once you have checked out all possible "malfunctions" with the doctor/hospital, time to think about the food you are eating. Look up low FODMAP diet. read The Gut by Giulia Enders. Try cutting out gluten for a while, also Lactose as they are two common causes. Even if you have been tested for Ceoliacs and the result is negative, gluten can still be a problem! Great Lactose Free milk and cheese available at all major supermarkets. Try for a few weeks to give chance to work. Other common causes are eggs and onions. But it may be your diet taken as a whole rather than any one food item . E.g. fruit is great but as you will see from the low FODMAP diet, for some people its about the amount and type of fruit rather than any fruit in paticular. Thats because of the total load of FODMAPS found in the fruit. Every BODY is different, you have to find what works for you. Experiment . Keep a record.

What is your diet at the moment ? Post it and ask for peoples comments.

I do believe the answer is NOT pills, its about getting to know your body and treat it with respect accordingly.



My friend has that and says recently found out its wheat and milk that does it she's been trying gluten free and so far has helped the bloat


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