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laparoscopy on wednesday

hi im going into hospital on wednesday to have a laparoscopy to investigate severe endometreosis ive been ill for over 11yrs with fibro/me,ibs,myalgia parsethia arthritis in knees and the list goes on ive suffered leg pains since having an ablasion op 6yrs ago in the last 2yrs the pain has been severe in my thighs,pelvis and back ive tried every med,patch and injection in the book after my own research and looking up my symptoms i had two appointments internal external scans now after 24/7 pain my op date is imminant only thing now is im scarred im worried that ive been ill and in pain for so long im worried what they might find ,has anyone had a lapa and could let me know what it was like and how long it takes to recover thanks joanne

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Hi my names Teri I had a laparoscopy op on my knee 3years ago op went OK but then got fluid on the knee agony was in hospital for a week on antibiotics. Since then iv had steroid injections. Docs won't do knee op they say I'm to young so on strong painkillers. Think I was just unlucky


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