IBS sufferer for 15 years

Although ive suffered with cramps and severe diarrhea for years its like im only now realising the huge effect it has on my life i dont really drink anymore i avoid dairy and wheat which helps but its hard to pin down exact triggers a glass of cold water at the wrong time could trigger my ibs. The worst effects of my ibs for me is maintaining my energy levels, with three kids its very hard to mind them properly sometimes as i feel drained of energy after a bout of diarrhea. What does anyone take to build your system up again to get your energy back after a clean out from severe diarrhea?

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  • Hi Smeef,

    I just found this internet forum and am a newbie here.

    I suffer from the very same issue. I usually eat eggs and dairy free gluten free bread with it. I also drink only lukewarm water. Never coffee or tea. I try not to overload my tummy right after the forced bowl cleansing (by the IBS).

    I have to admit that the above doesn't really work at all times as I have a severe IBS. We live in New Zealand and we have a protein powder that is allergen free and i sometimes use it to gain a bit of energy. The company is called NUZEST. Once again, it doesn't always work out for me due to the severe IBS.

    Hope it helps, at least a bit, mate.

  • From reading your post above I think you might benefit from trying the FODMAP diet. I have printed the diet off the internet and am going to follow it myself as I am absolutely fed up with IBS; I've had it for 20 years.

    Also, I notice you said you drink cold water, so do I, but I have read on here that the cold can hit your stomach hard and affect your IBS so maybe go for ambient water rather than cold.

    Maybe a probiotic would help you re the energy - I had this a few weeks ago after loading my system with a big plate of salad which I know is healthy but not for us IBS sufferers!!

    Very best of luck and hope you feel better very soon.

  • i'M sorry you are going through all this. I have found that apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp.) or less to start , maybe 1 teaspoon at first, along with 8 oz. of water, and a tsp. or 2 of honey, mix well and sip throughout the day. I also found that baking soda (1 teaspoon into an 8 oz. glass of water, sipping thru the day also helps. I am also ordering a 10 billion probiotic from Amazon for $20.00 and I hope this helps repair the lining of my tummy. Had a stomach virus in May that started all my problems with nausea. I also had the diarrhea. I am working on mine. It takes diligence, but it will be worth it to beat this. The other alternative is to sit and watch the 'world' go by. I don't want to do that and I feel you wont either. I hope you feel better. Dont stop trying to learn more and I believe you will find the answer to your illness. Best of luck. And God's blessings.

  • I really feel for you, especially having children to care for. My energy levels are so low I sometimes have to lie down all day, which I do, as I live alone. I really think ibs should be taken more seriously and classed as a disability. Thinking of you and wishing you good luck.

  • I have found that taking an Imodium tablet before I go to bed has really helped lesson the symptoms the following day.

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