longest spell with an outbreak

Hi im just wondering what the longest stretch of time is that people have had an episode of IBS without a break. I am now going into my 25th day without a break and i must admit i am getting worried and wondering if something else is going on. I am having every problem from side pain to severe abdominal pain to bloating never at the same time but always at some point.

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  • Hello ttrojen. I have had a flare up which has lasted continuously for 3 or 4 weeks and its not a good feeling at all. It has caused a number if symptoms, constant bloating, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue and severe constipation. If the pain is at the same part, you might be blocked? But it's always worth checking with your gp that's there's nothing new. I have only recently learned how to manage a flare up (after 6 years) and it's thanks to the advice in this site. I hope that you get some relief soon.

  • Hi my worst was having diorreah every day for 8 weeks after I had my daughter. It really set my ibs off and it was dreadful. It made me so fearful of diorreah I actually developed an anxiety disorder. Luckily I haven't had it that bad since and hopefully never will again. I was put on tablets during the 8 weeks to help control it and I'm still on them five years later and everything is reasonably settled.

  • hi

    what tablets did they put you on as I been having diarrhoea for the past 2 years

  • Hi ttrojen, I used to have IBS-D symptoms 24/7 - no breaks whatsoever. However, since I started on the low-FODMAP diet almost 6 months ago I've had no problems, apart from when I slide off the regime.

    If you've tried food elimination and it isn't helping, I agree with Bibabunny and think you should see your GP again.

  • I take loperamide, aliverine and buscopan three times a day. I can have up to 8 loperamide. I also take a multi vitamin and probiotic every day. I had to cut out caffeine, alcohol and lots of foods

  • That's really tough and I agree, it might be wise to get back to the doctor. Either way, my personal opinion is,make a note of absolutely everything you eat and drink and record the results too, if you can put the timings in that would help too. Using a pre-prepared diary chart with times.

    You could try eating just one type of food at each 'meal' because of the effects of different rates. Best of luck with whatever course of action you take. The doctor won't have time to look at the chart but you may discover somethings for yourself and if you get to see an 'expert' this is helpful.

  • does your doctor know?

  • been 12 weeks for me and still ongoing been to see doctor now waiting for hospital appt.

  • I have ibs-d constantly for about 9 years. Some days more painful than others. Some days bloating, back pain, exhaustion, cramping. Some days just diarhoea and low back pain. I'm on week 5 of fodmap and it is helping.

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