back to drawing board,kefir made me worse

another bad night,started with terrible gas pains that soon developed into diareah and vomiting, dont know what to do anymore

,my symptoms are severe ive been like this 20yrs and are getting worse,ive hadblood tests, barium enima,2 colonoscopys and abdominal ct scan,the conclusion is diverticular disease and IBS ,im at my wits end,ill every day sometimes so severe I have to spend hours in the bathroom with one end on toilet and other over a bucket with severe vomiting,I get terrible cramps,and excessive gas (charcoal capsules are good for this) I go to toilet up to 10 times most days,sometimes get constipation that leads to vomiting. The last flare had me in bed for 5days,but im still left to live with it,I was told diverticular disease was not bad enough for operation so most symptoms are IBS ,ive been searching for years and spend a fortune on supplements and medictions but nothing helps,just been trying home made kefir(that is supposed to be marvellous only to be disappointed again I think its made me worse,,wish someone would discover something to help us with this life changing illness.


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  • Hi cassie, my god I sincerely empathise with you. If they've told you you've got Diverticlitis look on google for some help,forget IBS,no such thing but Diverticlitis is,so go down that road. I have a friend with this and it is controllable,but you've just got to find the right way for you. Was you told you have it severe or mild? Each time you use the loo does the pain get worse? Oh boy do I wish I could help you,because I'm in the very same situation but I just keep being told "IBS". Rubbish. Big hug.😢

  • Hi Gemini71,Thanks for your reply,yes ive googled diverticulitis and tried every suggestion to help,I was told the diverticular disease was not bad enough to give me such bad symptoms and not bad enough for operation and left it to me to try and find something that will help me as nothing from my GP helped at all.I found the best things that help a little are lepicol and VSL3 so im going back to those ,I read kefir is very good and I thought it helped to start with but then I was back to the usual.x

  • Hi cassie,I tried making my own kefir,but then got worried in case I hadn't done it right,so give up. I do drink a lot of fresh lemon juice,I know your thinking oh citrus, but once you drink lemon juice it's not,like oranges for example. You try looking fresh lemon juice up on google see the benefits of it. As for food I can't put a finger on what's the cause,because I'm constantly in pain. I think the way things are going though with the NHS,being told to work it out for ourselves,is rediculuse,while we're I'll,they have a job,it makes me wonder if they made us all better,they won't be in a job.

  • Hi I found fresh lemon juice with apple cider vinegar in warm water half an hour before breakfast helps. You need to give it a try for at least 6 weeks before you know if it is working or not. As well as this I am on wheat and mostly diary free diet still would have a flare up but not as bad . Stress is definitely a factor. Good luck

  • Thank you missy4970, i will give it a try .


    I hope this link 👆 can open with you..check it out might relate to your condition.

  • have you been tested for Bile Acid Diahrrea (BAD) ?? the condition of bile acid Malabsorption that leads to the spilling of excessive acids down into the colon resulting in chronic diarrhea.

  • Thank you Eternity78,I will look into it,

  • Sorry but no idea what to suggest but had to comment but saying my heart goes out to you and I really hope that the comments on here go some way to help you.


  • Thank you crazyfitness x

  • Cassis 17 ,do you eat a lot of stuff with fat in iti ,pork pies,oven chips,crisps, drink fizzy stuff,lemonade,beer,fizzy water, etc cut all that out of your life ,try Using Bertolli butter ,skimmed milk,also cut down on sugar,in drinks etc, try porridge for cereal 2mins microwave made on skimmed milk, hope this helps my wife has hiatus hernia,and I've diverticulitis

  • Thank you Ekky,yes I have already done all that,the only thing I can't do without is sugar in my tea,

  • Pleased you'r feeling better, my wife says. Ice cream is not good for her, nor ice in drinks as it chills the stomach, but we are all different ,good luck

  • Hello cassie, I understand what your going thru and i feel for you. I had been going thru the same as you for over a year. I was initially diagnosed with I.B.S (irritable bowel disease) with diverticulitis. I had the same symptoms/issues you are dealing with and i know how bad you may be suffering. I had changed doctors as i wasn't seeing any improvement or understanding from 1st doctor. The new doctor did some more tests and had found i also had c-difficile infection. For months they had me on 3 different anti-biotics to no avail. They then did a fecal transplant and had told me the infection was gone. After a few weeks went by i noticed no improvement from abdomilal pain, and same bathroom issues, so i returned to doctor who then told me i have I.B.S and that i have to find the right food and drink to ease my symptoms. As i was trying different foods to ease my symptoms i noticed that one food group was always at the top of my symptoms. It was dairy products with lactose. I then dropped dairy with lactose and within a week my symptoms had improved dramatically. What i found out was that bowel issues can make you lactose intollerant. I'm not saying this is the answer for you but it may be worth trying as it had helped me with those same problems you are going thru. Good luck i hope this helps you to feel better.

  • Thank you dg8867,

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