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Started taking Amitriptyline 10mg for abdominal pains which are most likely IBS although haven't had a definitive diagnosis yet as it could be neuropathy associated with my diabetes. The Amitriptyline has helped a great deal with the pains but now have severe sleep problems, don't want to stop taking the Amitriptyline as I don't want a return of the abdominal pains. Tried St. John's Wort for sleep problems but hasn't helped, not suppose to take it with Amitriptyline though. Thinking of trying Valerian, any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Wow amitriptalyne knocks me out completed 2 hours after taking it. I would NOT advise mixing St. John wort. Seriously. Herbal Meds and chemical Meds won't interact well. Even if I drink chamomile tea or even more than one glass of wine then take amitriptalyne it knocks me out more. It started working really well after around 3 months then I got a dose up then it worked better. You feel calmer too as it helps with stomach issues and anxiety too.


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