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My wife is currently on the low fodmap/ elimination diet to help starve the bad bacteria in her gut after being diagnosed with SIBO after taking the hydrogen breath test.

She has had to cut out all sugars to help kill off the unhealthy bacteria's and like many who go through this is now having sugar cravings.

Does anyone know if she can use Glucose as a replacer or will this still allow the bad bacteria to feed off it?

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  • I don't know,, very sorry,, but am interested!! What is SIBO??

  • Breath tests are not a reliable way of diagnosing SIBO and if she did have SIBO, a low FODMAP diet is not the treatment. I suspect she has a very rapid small bowel transit, which might more frequently related to something that has made her anxious or upset and her bowel sensitive. A low FODMAP diet might help, but she should not cut out glucose or sucrose or other digestibe starches or sugars.

  • I would be interested to know why you say SIBO breath tests are unreliable please? I know my consultant scoffed at them but he didn't explain why, or whether there is a better test. On a much more encouraging note I was breath tested & treated for SIBO by a nutritionist - using herbal antibiotics and low fodmap/scd diet - with wonderful results. I am hugely better after 40 years of apparent IBS. I did avoid as much sugar as possible, including Glucose.

  • The reason is that breath hydrogen tests only tell you if the sugar, often 25g of the in absorbable Lactulose, is reaching a source of bacteria more rapidly than usual. This may be because there are bacteria in the small intestine or because small bowel transit time is unusually rapid. Rapid small bowel transit time is found in a lot of people with IBS-D.

    But on a positive note, you have found something that helps you for whatever reason, and as long as you don't end up on a nutritionally depleted diet (check with your dietitian), that is a good result.

  • Thank you for explaining. I am IBS-C not D, nothing moves rapidly!

  • How did you find such a nutritionist?

  • Have a search for SIBO Breath Tests & see if you can find a centre which does both tests and consultations/treatment. If you're in the UK this one fits the bill (& does consultations by phone if you prefer) Hope you find some help & would like to hear how you get on.

  • My consultant put me on antibiotics after a positive SIBO test.

  • Which antibiotics and for how long? Did you also have to take probiotics? Do you have to follow a special diet?

  • ask the gasto dr...

  • Have a look at this post regarding yeast / Canadia build up and how to cure it.

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