IBS is such a bitch!

I've been suffering for a number of years since getting ill abroad. I've seen lots of doctors and most have fobbed me off saying that my symptoms sound like IBS and would just give me different perscriptions, that was until I saw my new doctor who really is amazing! I saw him last month and he said he was astonished that none of the other doctors had asked for a stool sample and blood tests, so I had that done. They said they'd contact me if there was anything unusual that showed I haven't heard anything so I'm guessing that nothing showed up and that it is IBS that I have. I wanted to know if anyone else suffered from really bad IBS symptoms and pain after they've eaten takeaways and fatty foods. As I crave these lots and today I gave in and bought myself a chippy lunch and I wish I hadn't bothered. I feel like I can't do anything fun anymore as fizzy drinks and alcohol make my symptoms flare up so when I go out all I drink is tap water. IBS really is a bitch!

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  • Can't be no help,I've had it 12yrs,and you couldn't have worded it better.

  • I've suffered for years too until, like you I got to see a great Dr, she said it was the first time she had met anyone with all the symptoms of IBS! I can't eat anything spicy or fried either and I had to stop eating my beloved chocolate. Its the fatigue that really gets to me, I think people just think I'm lazy but I'm drained all the time. now you've got a really good doc lets hope they can help you. Good luck

  • Thanks I hope so too, I don't think I can go on much longer suffering from all these symptoms.

  • Hi there I can't eat anything with fat in, no raw Vegas and no meat, too hard to digest, try 2 garlic and parsley tabs and 1 probiotic daily for a month and see how you go.

  • Wot garlic is my enemy so are onions!!

  • Since I've been diagnosed I can't have anything fatty or greasy as it sets it off so I can't have takeaways anymore or fizzy drinks. Your right it's definitely no fun! I found a substitute for fizzy drinks which is good as long as I don't drink too much of it but squash and sparkling water so pretty well as an alternative:) hope this helps x

  • It's horrible isn't it and thanks I'll have to give that a go. :)

  • So you have never re contacted the doctors that ordered the tests to verify there was nothing?

  • I've booked an appointment to see him as that's what he told me to do bburzycki.

  • Blood tests and samples support a diagnosis but the only definitive test is either a colonoscopy or a pneumocolon scan. The fact your results may be fine is a good thing - but for absolute piece of mind a scan of some sort is worth pushing for.

  • You do need to have a colonoscopy and maybe a gastroscope to finally determine that there is no other cause for your symptoms

    At the age of 65 up to when I had been able to eat what I liked I was diagnosed with IBS - and was grateful it's not life threatening

    Now I have to have a dairy free diet and cannot also eat cabbage, berry fruits, some nuts and seeds

    ........but I'd rather be symptom free and be able to go out and holidays abroad

  • I have had great relief from having 2 garlic and parsley tablets each morning and 1 probiotic daily, try it for a month.

  • Hi mate, I know your pain, but I find fresh cooked chinese meals have no effect on me, nor does me and wife having haddock and chips down other end of our seaside resort couple of times a month. But the same meals bought from Supermarkets I just cant eat any longer. Any battered frozen fish doesnt agree with me, Marks & Spencers "Finest" Chicken Tikka the last time i had was on loo nearly all darn night. Frozen pies with gravy in them also dont like me. But if i go local carvery at weekend and have a steak and ale home made pie with chips, fresh gravy and some beans, or greens and a couple of roast potatoes, no ill effects I get.

    So it must be something in all these rubbish meals that starts mine off. i dont eat a huge amount of fruit because i suffer bad acid reflux, thus i take a Omeprozele on prescription for times i may have more than the usual acid or iffy meal.

    Most dips, and any onion is a no go. I have gone over more to mineral flavoured drinks than Pepsi's. but the odd can shouldnt hurt you. I also eat scambled egg on toast when im having an episode like this week. Veg Soup, chicken soup while recovering, thick broth also good. I like the odd sausage and egg plus a hash brown, but its not a huge plateful. wifes uses the foreman grill for the sausages and poaches the eggs. So like you have weakness's, but even then nothing is concrete, with IBS, whats good for today, may be a nightmare the week after. take care!

  • Can I ask did you get ill while you were abroad? Only my son picked up a parasite in India and now has the worst IBS ever. He is not taking any medication as the doctors don't really know what to do with him.

  • Hi, yes I did I caught a parasite from contaminated water and since then I haven't been right that was nearly 3 years ago. Doctors in the past didn't do anything for me one said he couldn't give me anything at all and another just gave me prescription after prescription. But thankfully the doctor I'm seeing at the moment seems to be doing tests and says he has some methods and ideas for me to try so fingers crossed they work when I see him in September.

  • You poor thing, seeing how my son is I really sympathise with you. I really hope the doctors find something that works for you. I would really appreciate it if you could post back on here how you get on. Good luck,

  • The worst part is that what works for one person doesn't work for another...

    E.g.: Apples destroy me but onions are absolutely fine......

    Be very mindful of what sets you off and simply avoid that. I wish it weren't carbs for me.... :(

  • with me sometimes takeouts and fatty foods and alcohol set me off and other times they don't but I don't let it stop me going out and making the best of life!

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