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Ebastine for curing ibs(plz read it)

Hi everyone,

I suffered from ibs for 3years,it is destroying my life,and nothing help with my ibs,i tried everything

recently I saw an article a bout Ebastine(kestine) that showed it can relief or cure ibs,and saw a post from an ibs patient that she cured her ibs with this antihistamine,i tried lots of h1 blocker antihistamine except of ebastine,cause it isnt available in my country

plz try this and if it was effective tell me,then  i will prepare it


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@Mahsan  hi ! i also read about how ebastine could cure or at least ease the symptoms of ibs in an article published in the (daily mail) news paper ..as an ibs -d  type sufferer i bought it and try it .it definately slow things down shifting me from diarrhea to constipation !! as a result of constipation , the problem of trapped gas not being able to (Exit) has become worse .pain and spasms were less but finally i had to stop it because of the strong dizziness that kept me sleeping all day !!  (in my case as i'm so sensitive to any medicine in general ).

my intention was to relieve at least the ibs-d  symptoms so that i can get out in peace without worrying about when my next D attack will hit , but Unfortunately I have been in bed sleeping  all day as if I was drugged and even when I wake up ,i feel really  dizzy , heavy and just can't do any thing :(

Again , this could only be my personal  reaction  to  Ebastine ,it can be different with others ..so go ahead and give it a try , Unless  you  are  the C ( constipation) type don't  think  of taking  it ..it will make the C  worse .

Best of luck ,


Have you tried the low FODMAP diet? Some foods contain high amounts of FODMAPs and should be avoided by people sensitive to them. Onions and Garlic in particular should be avoided. I had mild IBS some time ago but was suffering from excessive wind recently - I cut out high FODMAP foods and symptoms went away within a few days.

There is a good video and useful links on this page that shows what it is about: doctorfox.co.uk/news/the-lo...

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The International Drug Mart in India has ebastine coupled with another antihistamine.

I am in the US and they ship here. I just ordered some to try it. Good luck.


Hi gene49, I was just googling ebastine and ibs and came across your comment about 6 months go saying that you had just ordered ebastine in order to try it. Just wondered how you got on?


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