For those with ibs-d

I still have no problems with diarrhea ever since I started on the Mirtazapine... I've been on it now (only 15mg 1X bedtime) since Sept 10th... ...and intend to stay on it for a full two months...

So if you need something for depression or anxiety, AND you have might just ask your doctor if you could switch to Mirtazapine. I know every case is very individual and this might not be an option... but just putting it out there as a possible solution to the ibs-d.

So far, the Mirtazapine is NOT helping depression or anxiety...and I'm not sleeping THAT much better, either. The 'success' part was it did increase my appetite (I needed this badly) and it stopped my diarrhea and now I am having 'normal' bm's... almost weird!!!!

It's just an idea that might help some of you. All of you have a good rest of the day!


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  • Hi Betty,Did you get the link,and videos I sent you today. I did send them Friday but apparently,they did not get to you I was told,so I tried today.?

  • Hi Gemini, THANK YOU, yes I got them today...thankfully I checked my Spam folder! :) Anyway, I private msgd you telling you that I had not gotten your first attempt at sending the link because it went to Spam and I usually delete the folder without checking whats in it... BUT!! I have been checking every Spam mail carefully and today I got the link... I transferred the address to my regular email so I should be ok now!

    And once, again, THANK YOU!! Am looking forward to the next two links!


  • Hi Betty can you tell me what link you got.

  • Number One...the first video

  • Have. You had number two ?

  • Nope...not from you...but I may have seen in online before... I like to read what Dr. Axe writes. :)

  • Sorry Betty,I give up!!!!

  • Hi Norma,

    I am so sorry... I did get the First Part...the video talking about Leaky Gut (Dr Axe) is the author...

    What I will do this evening or tomorrow morning is to send you a 'regular email' to the Malcolm Brooke (can't remember if it ends with "e"!) ... and you can let me know if you get it... 'I am just not getting what is going on... sounds like you are trying to send another part (like Part 2) and it won't send...right???

    I have been carefully checking my Spam folder to make sure it hasn't gone there!. You take care and I hope you have a really good weekend! We both deserve that! :)

    Love, Betty

  • Hi Betty yes it ends with e.

    There was like a part 2 but I also tried to send you a link a friend sent me,I don't know why you should get Part1and nothing else. That's really strange.

    As for a good weekend I don't know about that I've just got back from a two and half hour journey,to have an MIR scan,but maybe worth it.

    You take care and we'll see what happens.

  • So hope it all turns out well! Get some rest!...and take care.

  • Hope you got it this time Betty?

  • You can take Imodium and buscopan everyday with lots of fermented foods and drinks and cut out all the bad foods. Have you ask to try citalopram it helps with diarrea and anxiety and helps sleep like magic. Subscribe to my blog I'm writing a segment on stomach issues and anxiety.

  • Hi Fran... is this the post you meant to respond to? I have no more problems with would not need the Imodium or buscopan... I've heard other good things about the Citalopram.... The advice you gave for diarrhea is good, however!! :)

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