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Severe bloating

Hi all

Sure this kind of thing has been posted many times before and reading some replies has been really helpful, but my situation is stressing me out massively right now so wanted to write something.

I've had IBS for 3-4 years now and it honestly gets worse all the time, bloating and occasional constipation has been my main symptoms. For about a month now the bloating has got insanely worse. There's no good days just constant bad days, even now waking up fully bloating every morning. Also bad flatulence quite regularly (mostly evenings). I've tried cutting down on dairy and gluten a lot, wine is my vice but trying to cut that back(ish).

I'm going to visit my GP asap but really worrying as the symptoms are so relentless and uncomfortable. Any instant miracle cures, I'd love to here them!

Thank you

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Hey! Colpermin helps me on y worst days. Boots sell them. 😊 They don't relieve the pain but within minutes your trumping like a trooper and feel so much better!

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Thank you! I will definitely try that!


Most likely causes of flatulence I found to be onions garlic soya dairy foods pulses beans and peas.


I've been eating quite a lot of those :( thanks for the heads up!



Have you done the FODMAP diet to try and pinpoint your trigger foods?


I haven't properly no but am definitely going to try that next!


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