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Bloating hell

Hi, I've suffered from IBS for some time no but have only recently been formally diagnosed. My main problems are severe bloating & constipation. The bloating is so bad that I can only wear dresses at the moment and loose fitting jogging bottoms at home. It's really dragging me down. Any tips for dealing with severe bloating? It's been going on four 4 weeks now and my doctors doesn't seem bothered.

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First of all, make sure you sign the IBS Network's petition. Lots of us with IBS have found that our GPs just don't seem to care or understand: change.org/p/all-political-...

You may have heard of the low FODMAP diet - in approximately 70 percent of cases of IBS, following the low FODMAP diet has been shown to reduce symptoms. You are advised to consult a trained dietician though as some of the advice online is misleading and the dieticians are supposed to advise you on how to maintain a healthy diet and ensure you get all the nutrients you need.

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Thanks, I have already signed the petition. I had looked at the low FODMAP diet and wondered if this would help. Will definitely give it a go now. I've been keeping a food diary but it's so hard to pinpoint any one thing. So glad I have found this site. Now I don't have to suffer in silence. Thank you so much for your reply


You're welcome. I had the same problem with a food diary. Must have kept five or six over the last few years and could never identify a singular cause. Let us know how you get on.


Recently had a flare up and went to docs after 3 days very painful the doc gave me some medicine to make me go to the loo. It helped quite a lot although stomach still a little sore apparently that will improve . I have looked at fodmap not sure if I am going down that route, I am trying cutting out whole grains especially wheat and I am trying natural aloe and changing to probiotic fats . Stomach currently still uncomfortable and I still get gas but not as bad as the weekend so I am hoping to return to work soon


Gentle exercise helps gut, too much exercise over stimulating, somewhere in the middle helps, agree past travel a problem, this maybe cause years ago.


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