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I have suffered from acute stomach pain and diarrhoea on and off for years. It has a definite link to stress and anxiety. I have been referred all over the place but the only thing that really seems to help is taking multi billion friendly bacteria to boost the guts ability to cope.

This was recommended by a dietician who told me that if you get a stomach infection of any sort the natural bacteria become depleted in fighting the disease. Then afterwards they are sometimes not built up again and leave your gut struggling to cope.

You can try the yoghurts but they only have limited effect for me but you can also buy multi billion bacteria in health food shops. At worst they will not do you any harm and for me they work like magic. I now keep a supply and if the cramps start again I'm straight back on them.

Good luck

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  • I take Lialda for Colitis along with folic acid. It almost control my discomfort. 85-billion refrigerated bacteria got me over the top. I also switch from milk to soy milk (looks worst than it taste).

  • Aren't coconut and almonds FODMAP's?

  • Thank you.

  • I'll try the coconut milk and the almond milk. in my cereal. For coffee that I usually purchase a cup a day a a local deli I get what they offer - it's not that much cows milk anyway.

  • my sister says Healthy Trinity by Natren cured her Crohn's. I find kefir is most helpful.

  • Hi Patv what is kefir

  • a fermented milk drink that naturally contains millions of probioticcs

  • Sorry I never got back to you Pat.But can you tell me more does it help IBS where do you buy it and such.

  • Also what is healthy trinity.

  • Probiotic by Natren avAilable on health food stores or online

  • Some find it helpful I do. Most stores carry in dairy section

  • I find VSL3 probiotic fantastic but is is expensive - two a day seems to work well - does anyone know an effective cheaper choice - my GP is sympathetic to prescribing it but NICE do not now allow

  • Natren Healthy Trinity also pricey but effective

  • Hi yes probiotics are great for ibs but its best to work yourself up to a high strength one and then it's ok to be on them daily

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