I mentioned 5HTP - But i just found something out!

Hey guys i think i mentioned 5HTP in a post - as its supposed to lift your mood and help you release more serotonin it can help anxiety and stress which can in turn help your IBS! and i have taken it before and found it helpful (along with evening primrose oil). BUT and this is a big BUT, i have found that 5 HTP can apparently effect your stomach and can cause diarrhoea! so although i was fine taking one brand before i am now dubious as to whether i will try the batch I've ordered!

I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware, just in case you want to try it! so do your research! :)

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  • Thanks for the info on 5-HTP. In case of interest to anybody, I was recommended "Ashwaganda" for anxiety and nervous disorder, by a naturopath. I think it's quite good! It's made by Pukka.

  • Tried and tested (long term) and works! Especially alongside Rhodiola. The one I use (and has helped friends who were borderline falling off a cliff, one of whom has suffered bereavement) is called 'Serenity Formula', which contains Rhod + Ash + Lavender etc. Worth a google.

    On the 5-HTP: great for stress and have taken it without the effects you describe; however, have just read...https://chriskresser.com/how-to-prevent-diverticulitis-naturally/ ...that it helps gut 'motility', so if you've no need for help there - best avoided:-)

  • thats really helpful thanks! i have bought a batch and now i don't know whether to try them or not! i may leave them for now while my stomach is recovering! :)

  • Thank you minaFox

  • Thanks for the posts and have read with interest, certainly some of the things I will be looking into.

    Good luck to all


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