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Just a little hint for 'newbies'

Hi to newbies and everyone,

So often people think they are cutting out all wheat and or gluten because they don't eat bread or pastries... but some seem to ignore the fact that breaded meats, veggies, etc are JUST as important to eliminate...

Plus, in the U.S. the most popular brands of canned soups, stews, etc, have a lot of wheat in them used as thickeners..(even if its not mentioned in the list of ingredients). if it doesn't say gluten free or wheat free...it isn't!

Wheat is in nearly EVERYTHING that is processed in any way... sad to say :( I know its really aggravating.

I especially have to be careful because 'gluten free' does me no good...its wheat (and some other grains)

Hope everyone is having a good day! :)


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You are so right. We read so often about people cutting it out and still being ill and still eating pre packaged meals.

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Same here in the UK, wheat seems to be in almost all processed food.

Think I have a similar problem to you as I have to avoid all grains apart from corn and oats, Can't even eat rice which is even worse for me than wheat.

After I realised it was nothing to do with gluten, I thought it might be down to fructans, but as rice doesn't contain any, it can't be that either.

Have a good day yourself.


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