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Wheat Intolerence Test?

Hi everyone, is there such a thing as a wheat intolerence test? I've been cutting down on wheat & feel a bit better for it (not so bloated & windy!) but still have lots of bowel pains etc so asked GP if I could have any food intolerence tests to check if it is wheat and/or something else. She said there were no tests only the gluten one & I've had that. Is this correct? Thanks.

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There is a blood test called food rast testing. It can point out some specific food allergies and i think wheat can be tested that way.


You could do the York Test - it does cost - google it and read about it.


Thank you both for that, I've seen tests advertised I wonder if anyone here has tried them?


Why don't you just leave wheat and related foods out of your diet altogether

Keep a food diary and also note down how you feel after meals to see if there is any change

When I was diagnosed in 1012 at the age of 65 I felt that dairy might be the cause and so eliminated it from my diet and now have a completely dairy free diet which keeps my symptoms under conrol


I've been keeping a diary for a few months that's how I've been able to realise that it probably is wheat and I have almost eliminated it but as I said I still get bowel pain everyday (even on totally non wheat days). I will have to have better will power!

I would just like to have a definite diagnosis if that's possible.


I think the diagnosis is that there is no other medical cause for your symptoms

To try intolerance tests properly you'll have to eliminate wheat completely from your diet to see if you feel better more consistently

I had to 'bite the bullet' after being able to eat what I liked for 65 years - I now no longer eat cheese, cream cakes or croissants etc - it had to be done - I didn't want to have to sit on the toilet all day - I lead a good life and go away for foreign holidays and out for meals

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Thank you cricket queen. I just want to have my cake and eat it! I will do whatever it takes to continue an active life, like you I love my holidays, meals out etc. :)


The York Test gave me a base line and what came up was proved when I did elimination. I follow the FODMAP diet to a certain extent which has helped. I was diagnosed with a very high bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine (SIBO) which was treated so I do not feel so ill though still have IBS which I can control reasonably well .


Just to add something that people may not know. A friend of mine was diagnosed with Coeliac disease around the age of 65, but this did not show up on the standard blood test. She then had an endoscopy and it was diagnosed from the results of that. Personally I would rather just leave wheat and gluten out of the equation than go through an endoscopy, but she has coeliac disease quite badly. I think there's a difference between total intolerance and gross irritation in the digestion from wheat/gluten on one's IBS.


Yes - it's a long drawn out process - they do a test on your back with various allergens - after so many days etc. they look at it to find out if you are intolerant to various food.

Have you asked if you have Crohns? My neighbour has this.

Coeliac disease - you will find wheat in various products, shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, yoghurt, handcream - so when you do your food diary - be aware of this.

Ask your GP about an endoscopy.



I THINK THAT IS RIGHT. Just ry no wheat for 2 weeks and you will have a good idea.

sounds like no wholemeal would be best like me. green veg and fruit peel all known to give bloating. no such thing as a def diagnosis.


no fizzy drinks/beer can help too

hope youv found the answer




Thanks again all, really appreciate your comments. Have a FODMAP book so have lots to research & try out.

No gin & tonic Graham - it's worse than I thought! Ha ha!

Will have a look at the York test too. Thanks x


Hi A few years ago I had 'small' York test which just tests for a small

selection of foods, I then went the whole hog and decided to have a

full test, in both tests the only thing I was allergic to was dairy products.

At the time I cut dairy out completely, which was awful as its in so many

foods, but it did say that after so long you can gradually reintroduce foods

bit by bit to see how you go. The idea being with a small amount you

may be ok. I must admit it worked for me and my ibs is no where near

as bad and there are lots of alternatives to having dairy these days.

I took the test well over 20 years ago so not so many alternatives then.

I have kept it up and stlll limit my diary intake whuch really isnt a

problem. Unfortunately, for ne the damage was done and I had to have

a portion of my bowel removed due to constant C and that is proving

very very difficult.


Thanks for that, I am seriously thinking about the York test. The full test is very expensive but if it helps it's got to be worth it.

Sorry to hear you still have problems, take care.


try cutting out Dairy , that is what hurts me the most


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